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THE FUTURE (of smoking weed) IS NOW
 Stündenglass Gravity Infuser   Without a doubt the Stündenglass Gravity Infuser is one of the coolest new smoking gadgets to hit the market in years. Remember making gravity bongs out of a pop bottle and a bucket of water? This...
Great Tokin Xmas Gift Ideas
Shell Shock gift ideas for your favorite toker out there
4 Ways to Enjoy Your Cannabis. Different Methods to get High!
Shell Shock has been around for over 20 years and we have had the pleasure of teaching many people the different ways they can enjoy their high, and we can definitely help you find your best delivery system when you want to get high.
Countdown of Top 10 Holiday Blazers
Its getting cold out and though there are things like silicone bongs and silicone pipes and now of course cartridge vapes, its time to bring those glass garage bongs inside people. It's the time of year you gotta get serious about hiding that smoke stank from your landlord, smoke buddies and smoke odor sprays are more popular than ever and it is obvious why. If you've got to smoke outside, I personally enjoy a nice joint in the winter. I find it a little easier to smoke a joint with gloves on than a bong or pipe comparatively, i mean it's pretty tough to be constantly operating a lighter with mitts on so i try to minimize that with a nice cold joint. And because of that i'm gonna run through some essentials and some of my preferred joint smoking gadgets and papers.
Tasty Puff Flavour Combinations
Tasty Puff Flavour Combinator  Are you a flavour-head bursting with creativity? Feeling constricted by only being able to have one flavour at a time? Well, look no further! Here’s a guide of some delightful flavour combinations you can make using...
Best Bong Cleaners - What to Choose When Cleaning Your Bong
Every time you take a rip, hoot or blast you introduce new nasty resins, residues and plant matter into your glass and water. 
Blunts, smoking like a Rap star.
What is a blunt? What kinds of blunts are there, and why do some people prefer them over other means of cannabis consumption?
Top 5 Smoking Accessories for the Savvy Stoner
Looking for those extra special extras to make smoking your weed better
Shell Shock's Top 5 Joint Filters
Shell Shock's pick for the best filters we carry
All About RAW
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About RAW Rolling Papers with Josh Kesselman The RAW brand has established itself as the premier paper brand in our current market. The CEO and brand spokesperson Josh Kesselman has founded the brand out...
Top 5 Papers You Should Try in 2022
Top 5 Rolling Papers to Try in 2022   When it comes to papers we all have our favourites, and like most people we tend to gravitate towards things we enjoy.  Maybe after a few years (decades) it might be...
Bong Maintenance & You
Best Ways to Clean Your Bong We all love hitting the bong, but we all know that those things can get real nasty if they aren’t cleaned regularly.  It happens to us all, and hey, who can blame you for...
We Need to Talk About Terpenes!!
Terpene 101: What is a Terpene and How to Enjoy Them Cannabis has many different components to it that make it so unique. Did you know there are over 120 cannabinoids in weed? You have probably heard of THC and CBD already. ...
Puffco Peak vs Puffco Peak Pro. Which one to choose
Puffco Peak vs Puffco Peak Pro Comparison The Puffco Peak revolutionized the dabbing game when it was introduced in 2018. Gone were the days of fumbling with a torch and holding your hand over a hot nail to check the...
Exterminate Your Smoke Odor for Good
Smoke Odor Candles are the Best Candles   T’is the season for staying indoors, staying cozy, and staying baked - but it’s not always that easy. Sometimes the dank is just too.. well, dank. No stress, you don’t have to...
Intro to Making Hash with Shawn
  So you got yourself some Bubble Bags and your ready to make some Hash!  Making bubble hash is not an overly complicated process at face value but the science and nuances that exist can become overwhelming, but fear not I'm here to break it down simplistically.
Made in Edmonton
The Best 420 Weed Gear From Edmonton     What’s better than smoking some weed with high quality paraphernalia and accessories?  Doing it while supporting local! Let’s take a look at some of our favourite Edmonton favorites. From glass to...
Incense and Why We Like It
Here at Shell Shock, we like to keep our incense variety highly stocked. Whether your prefer short sticks, long sticks, or cones, we’ve got it all. 
Celebrate our 20th Anniversary with the Shell Shock Crew
This month Shell Shock turns 20! To celebrate, let’s meet some of the characters behind Edmonton’s favorite smoke shop!   20 years ago a group of pot smoking critters dragged themselves out of a cloud of weed smoke in the...
Humidity Storage and Preserving Terps with your Friend Shawn
Best Stashes for Storing Your Weed   Cannabis has come a long way in the recent decades, just ask your mom or dad and they'll tell you that the weed of their day was nothing like we are used to...
Top 6 Smoking Accessories You Need This Fall
Summer is slowly slipping away and now is the time to start thinking about the Fall.  We at Shell Shock have come up with a few ideas to make toking a little better this year.  Below you will find 5 great toking tools that will make your life a little easier.