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Grinders, All are not equal or are they?

There are so many different grinders and grinder designs available these days, though at first glance they all look very similar, they absolutely aren't. Herb grinders come in so many different sizes, shapes and styles. There are of course the classic cylindrical ones that were all used to seeing as well as square ones as to be able to grip them better. There are also electric grinders that operate with the press of a button to help people suffering from arthritis, parkinson's or any affliction that makes it difficult to operate a regular grinder.

These different grinders though all doing the same job at the end of the day have so many features to differentiate from each other, Together we will go over a few of these differences and break down just what separates a basic grinder like a Medtainer and a premium grinder like Santa Cruz grinders.



  1. Decent sized holes under the teeth- Unless you’re using a simple 2-piece grinder, Your grinder has holes at the bottom of the teeth plate to allow your ground herb to fall through into the storage compartment. These holes should be of an adequate size for the herb to actually fall through, often premium grinders have elongated holes or just generally larger holes as to allow your herb to move freely and not remain in and clog up the grinding chamber. 

  2. A tactile top plate- Just something you can actually grip is basically all your looking for here, Any and every grinder out there is going to get sticky with regular use so i recommend finding a grinder that has indentations for grip on top. One great example of this is the RAW life grinder  which not only features a rubber ring on the top of the grinder so you can easily grip it but also a hidden stash in the lid for hash or other little goodies.                                                                                                                                                                     
  3. 90 degree Angles – As most of you probably already know a right angle in a grinder is just a little nook that will trap loads of your "keif". Look for a grinder with Rounded corners inside the storage compartments, limiting the amount of product stuck in those nooks and limiting your time spent scraping it out. This buildup could start to negatively effect the use of your grinder for example clogging the screen which would stop collection of "keif". 

  4. Closing magnet on the wrong side- the magnetic post (provided there is one), should be located on the lower tooth plate in the center of the teeth. This allows you to load your buds around it without impeding the grinders ability to close and therefor your ability to grind your herb.


Where are you taking your grinder? Should it fit in your pocket or purse as an every day carry or do you plan to leave it at home for big ol smoke seshs? Do you plan to go hiking and camping with this grinder? Do you plan to leave it in your vehicle for when your smoking with the homies? You gotta take a few things into consideration before picking out your new grinder.

         Cost is obviously one of the first things someone will look at before they purchase anything. Materials play a huge part in the quality and cost of a grinder. While a grinder made primarily of plastic, zinc, wood etc could be just $5-10, a basic aluminum grinder will be $5-$30, an anodized aluminum grinder made from 6061 or 7075 grade aluminum will be $30-$150, and actual steel will be $60-$200 Depending on the country it was manufactured, the quality of cnc used in manufacturing and of course the brand name.

we at Shell Shock have a few recommendations for some quality grinders that are all extremely high grade and will last you years of trusted usage.

          1. Santa Cruz Shredders- This medical-grade anodized aluminum Shredder. Has been analyzed and improved upon through the generations, from the revolutionary almost square tooth design providing a fluffy shredded consistency and the patented threading pattern to the rare earth magnet used in the lid closure system. Backed by a lifetime warranty covering the teeth these are extremely high grade grinders sure to last you a literal lifetime.santa cruz grinder shellshock420

          2. Northern Lights Grinder-This Aerospace Grade Aluminum Grinder comes in 4 pieces with 3 chambers. The top lid is held firmly in place by reliably strong and rare neodymium magnets. The grinder includes a standard diamond cut tooth pattern providing a consistent grind time after time. A high-quality 100 micron stainless steel screen allows you to collect fine "Keif" in the bottom chamber without any loose stems or leaf matter. The bottom catch is also rounded so you can remove any pollen collected with great ease.  Also available in their nano ceramic coated non stick variation for especially efficient collection.           
          3. Piranha Grinders- A fantastic economy grade grinder, still made using high quality materials ensuring a long lifespan for your grinder. The Piranha grinders feature razor-sharp teeth that guarantee the perfect grind every time. Made from anodized medical-grade aluminum, these grinders are built to last. Strong magnets ensure the grinder stays together on the go or even if dropped. available in 13 colors coming in 2 piece, 3 piece and 4 piece options  ensuring we have a grinder for everyone.  piranha grinder shell shock420                                                                     
        1. Medtainers- Tremendously versatile in its design, And able to traverse numerous consumer needs on the go. Through the product's ability to embody both air-tight storage & fine grinding capabilities, a Medtainer is able to transcend various markets and expand its everyday uses. Although originally engineered as a solution to break down medication for the needs of Pediatric and Geriatric patients, the medtainer has now been adopted as an application into markets such as cannabis and the general smoking industry and is extremely afforadable making it a great option for travel and home life.                 


To Summarize id say that there are tons of options for breaking down your herb in fact you can use scissors if thats your thing, but your gonna grab your grinder before you roll every joint and pack every bowl so you may as well spend the time picking out one that will serve you well. If your having trouble making a decision, come on down to Shell Shock today, were located all across Edmonton in four locations and we are proud to have cheerfull knowledgable staff at each one waiting to help you pick out your new grinder ASAP!     

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