Northern Lights Nano Ceramic Grinder

Northern Lights Nano Ceramic Grinder

Non-Stick Ceramic Grinder

Take your herb grinding experience to the next level with the non stick Nano Ceramic herb grinder. Anyone who uses a bud grinder knows that overtime the buildup gets so bad, it affects the performance of their grinder. That sticky resin is a battle to get off without using isopropyl alcohol.  Well say goodbye to that resin build up and hello to an effortless smooth grind every time with the non stick Northern lights Nano Ceramic Grinder.


Thanks to the triple ceramic coating process, the ability to remove any buildup has never been so easy!

Your grinder will turn and shred just as easily in six months as it did the day you got it. Above of all, no more soaking your bud grinder in isopropyl alcohol. Simply use the soft brush tool included to take away anything with ease! Enjoy your herb knowing it will not be mixed with old resin buildup from months of use. Focus more on time spent with friends and family and less time with a gunk filled grinder. It’s really the last herb grinder you will have to own.


Through high temperature vacuum technology, the nano ceramics penetrate while creating a bond to the highest-grade aluminum metals filling the gaps and as a result, you get a denser, harder and more secure bud grinder. This is known as Nano Ceramic Technology. It contains ZERO Teflon and PTFE. It is completely inert and 100% FDA certified for food contact. CNC machined using T6 aerospace grade aluminum making this grinder as durable as they come. 

The smart design stainless 100 micron screen sifter allows only the finest pure pollen to enter through and collect in the bottom chamber unlike most sifters that still allow stem pieces to filter through. It’s deep rounded bottom let’s you scoop fine kief with ease using the included scraper tool.


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