4 Ways to Enjoy Your Cannabis.  Different Methods to get High!

4 Ways to Enjoy Your Cannabis. Different Methods to get High!

Cannabis has been legal for a few a few years in Canada and everyone has had a chance to try it it out and see all the amazing things that cannabis can do.  Whether you are using cannabis to get high, or to relieve pain, there are a few ways to deliver your cannabis into your system.  Shell Shock has been around for over 20 years and we have had the pleasure of teaching many people the different ways they can enjoy their high, and we can definitely help you find your best delivery system when you want to get high

The Joint

Joint Marijuana Cannabis Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

The most common and easiest way to consume cannabis. Simple, but not always the easiest, rolling a joint is kind of an art among people who toke. Not everyone is a master roller right out of the gates and many tokers have practiced years to get where they are today. Rolled with a wide variety of papers and styles the joint is the way most people enjoy their first cannabis experience. The wide variety of papers makes joint rolling a very personal experience as not everyone likes the same things, however so fun to try all the different options out there.

Never rolled a joint before, we have you covered.  There are a wide variety of joint rollers to help you craft that perfect joint available at Shell Shock.

Check out our rolling section

 The Pipe

Hand Blown Glass pipe Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

The pipe is a  very common way for people on the go to consume their cannabis.  Pipes are handy in that most will fit into your pocket and are ready to go at all times with a pinch of the herb. They are also very common and not all that expensive for the budget conscious toker. Pipes are available in many different styles, colours and sizes.  Metal, ceramic, glass, silicone are the most common materials, but pipes can basically be made out of anything.  When you drop by a Shell Shock we can show you all the wonderful variations that we carry.  

My personal favourite is the glass pipe.  Glass gives a very good hoot and doesn't leach anything into your smoke. However durability is also a big consideration when picking your pipe.  If you are going to be in situations where a more durable pipe is required, you might look into a metal or silicone pipe.  Each one can take some abuse and allow you to get high in almost all situations.

Check out our Pipe Selection

The Bong

Bongs Water Pipes Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

This by far is my most favourite way to enjoy my cannabis.  This however requires a place to sit and consume you bong.  Bongs really are not made for on the go tokes.  Bongs provide you water filtration and the ability to get some really large rips.  So for the people who want the ability to get right lit, a bong is a good choice.  Bongs use water to filter the smoke and provide a cooler hit, which is the main reason people choose it.

Bongs also allow you to get some really large toke, and if you aren't careful you can take some large hits. So be careful.  The best part of a bong is that you get to choose your bong size and style, which allows you to pick how big of a hit you will take, and the experience you will have.  Bongs are also great for groups and sharing with your friends, just pack a bowl and let the cannabis take you away

Check out our Bong Selection

The Vaporizer 

Exxus Vape Edmonton Vaporizer Vaporize Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

A herb vape is one of the cleanest ways to smoke. They don’t burn the weed but they use a heat chamber (like an oven) to heat your cannabis until the cannabinoids vaporize but the herb doesn’t burn. This feels much nicer on your lungs but you might not feel like you’re getting as high which is usually due to the smaller chamber sizes. Or you may just not like it,that's okay, Vapes come in many shapes and sizes but most of them are pretty easy to use, especially high end ones, but even an entry level one is quite easy to use. There are vaporizers for both flower and concentrates.  Each one offers a few different features and it is always good to do your research in order to find the one that fits your needs the best.  Vaping is the new healthy alternative, so give one a try and see if it is for you.

Check out our Vaporizer Selection 


Can't decide, or maybe you want to try them all out, there is nothing wrong with that. Stop by a Shell Shock location or email us and we would be more than happy to help you choose how to consume your Cannabis.  We love helping newbies and experienced tokers alike pick their favourite delivery method, and trading stories about different methods even we haven't tried.  Hope to see you blaze by soon 



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