Great Tokin Xmas Gift Ideas

Great Tokin Xmas Gift Ideas

'Tis the season to gift, and what better gift than the joy of tokin'?  Indulge in your favourite herb and get some exciting product from the fun loving folks at Shell Shock.  We've put together this handy guide to help you pick those special gifts.
By far the best Christmas gift idea is our mystery boxes.  These already boxed gift pack are ready to go.  Pick a price, $24.20, $54.20 and $104.20. Now pick a category - Bong, Pipe, Rolling, Dabs or Super Stoner.  Get your box and receive nearly double the value in each box.  What a great gift to give, and it won't break the bank!
If a box of fun isn't your style, how about some specific ganja gear? The grinder has to be the most essential smoker's tool out there.  If you have a green bud and they are lacking a grinder, now is the perfect time to set them up.  We stock a wide variety of top notch brands starting from about $10 and going past $100.  Check out these fine choices; medtainer, Space case, Cali crusher,  Santa Cruz Shredder, Famous Brandz (which have Cheech and Chong, Trailer Park Boys, and Jay and Silent Bob grinders) and many more.
Grindhouse grinder from Shell Shock in Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaSanta Cruz Shredder Grinder from Shell Shock in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Even if your buddy has a great shredder,  they'll always need papers.  Shell Shock has a fantastic selection to fill up any cannabis connoisseur's collection.  Flavoured? Try the Juicy Jay or Skunk brand.  Thin? Try the Elements or Raw.  The classics? We have Zig Zag, Gizeh, and Smoking brands.  Can I be blunt? We have hemp wraps to let you roll up a sweet stocking stuffer.  And of course we have rollers too, for all you who have a bit of trouble getting that perfect joint, we have the tools for you. After all, that's what separates us from the animals, amirite?
Dr. Kronic's Krutches Filter Tips From Shell Shock in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Don't forget filter tips!

Maybe you're looking for someone special, with an artistic flair? I'd recommend checking out our stellar glass collection. We specialize in true art glass, with local artists like Pixie, Hokey Pokey, Glass Alchemy and other North American artists such as Chameleon, Hard Times, Darby, Nerv Glass and many more.  We have you covered if you need a small hand pipe or if your need that 3ft living room bong.  You need to see it to believe, so check out our full selection!
Chameleon Typhoon Glass Pipes From Shell Shock in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
And then there's the "art of the smart", and vaporizers are the smartest technology out there. There's highly portable handheld options like the Pax 3, Sutra mini, Da vinci IQ, Da vinci Miqro, Arizer Argo, Dr Dabber Switch, Puffco Peak, Volcano, Mighty, Crafty, and the Yocan Evolve D Pen herb Vape.  The choices are staggering, but our sales experts can walk you through every model until you find "The One". And yes, we even have concentrate pen vapes.

Exxus Vape and Sharpstone grinder from Shell Shock Edmonton Canada
How about an unbreakable bong that practically cleans itself?  Check out our silicone collection.  Silicone is fast emerging as the go to smoking device.  Easy to clean, cool colours and basically indestructible these are great for today's busy stoner.  Check out our newest additions to our silicone line.
Silicone bongs from Shell Shock
Finally, how about a few stocking stuffers for your favourite toker this year? We have buddys scissors, hemp wick, lighters, silicone pipesRoach clips, Dugouts/One Hitter, metal pipes, ashtrays, books, and so much more.  Check out everything we have to offer by browsing our online store. Even better, if you can drop by one of our 3 locations and we can show you all the wonderful toking accessories perfect for the holidaze!
Stocking stuffers for stoners from Shell Shock in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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