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Bong Cleaning 101 With Your Friend Shawn
Best Ways to Clean Your Bong   Who doesn't like a nice bong rip or maybe a delightful little pipe toke? How do you make sure each hit is as enjoyable as the last? I for one have a very...
Cool Gadgets to Bring to Your Next Social Gathering
Cool Weed Gadgets and Devices   Shell Shock is here to help you safely consume your cannabis as we enter what we all hope is our final reopening. As we recover, reunite and start to see each other more we're...
Celebrate 710 in Style with Yo Dabba Dabba and Shell Shock
Ready to celebrate 710 in style? Head over to Shell Shock to upgrade your dab setup and enter to win a prize from Yo Dabba Dabba that covers every tool you’ll ever need. Anyone who purchases a Yo Dabba Dabba...
Happy 10 Year 710!!
 710 - 420 for Dabs   We all know the story of 420, (if not, check out the story of 420 here) but what’s the deal with this new fangled 710?    Well, basically it’s 420 but for dabs and on...
What is 710? Tokers newest smoking Holiday
I'm sure you are wondering what this new stoner holiday called 710 is all about.  You know what 420 is all about, but what is this new 710 thing.  
Gettin' Schwifty with Shell Shock
Rick and Morty Smoking Gear for Every Occasion - Bongs, Pipes, Trays & More!   Wubba Lubba Dub Dub stoners! If you love Rick and Morty and enjoy cannabis, then Shell Shock has got you covered! We’ve got a range...
How to roll a Cannagar like a Pro
Purple Rose Cannagar Molds   Do you find yourself rolling joint after joint just to get to that desired effect? Well those days are up with the Purple Rose Cannagar Mold, you can roll less and smoke more! Easily stuff...
Stundenglass Gravity Hookah at Shell Shock
Cannabis consumption has sure come along way and it's been a hoot trying to keep up with all the new fun stuff that keeps coming out!  We wanted to take 4 minutes and 20 seconds to showcase the Stündenglass® Gravity Hookah that just hit our shelves at Shell Shock.
Buzzin' around with Bee Line Hemp Wick
Use Bee Line Hemp Wick to light Your Bowls!   This month Shellshock is featuring Bee Line Hemp Wick. So what is hemp wick, and what are the benefits of using it? Trust us you will be happy with adding...
Show Mom You Care 420 Style
Being a Mom is a tough but rewarding job. Sometimes having a little toke is exactly what mom needs to take the edge off and get through the day. Is there a Mom in your life who enjoys cannabis? Why...
May the Fourth be with you
Like Star Wars, Like Tokin check out our selection in this Star Wars themed blog
The HIstory of 420
 Where Does 420 Come From?   Welcome to the most stoned month of the year! This is the month when us stoners really get to let our freak flags fly. Why is that? Because April is the host month of...
Growing Made Easy!
When it comes to any kind of gardening, knowing and understanding what kind of growing medium your working with goes a long way.  It may not seem like much but your growing medium is what feeds your plant so that you get nice big fruits, flowers, foliage and also keep it healthy.  We have grown partial to Kryptonite Organic Living Soil by Next Gen Soil, as it works really well for us.
Boost EVO vs SWITCH: Which Smart Rig is Best for You?

When you’re searching for a smart dab rig, you already know Dr. Dabber is your go to option for the latest in e rig technology. But, wait. Dr. Dabber’s lineup has a host of out of this world vaporizer products, so what do you choose? Today, we wanted to talk about the similarities and differences between our two hottest electric dab rigs–the SWITCH and the Boost EVO.

Why I Switched to The Exxus Snap VV Cartridge Vaporizer
As the years have gone by, the ability to vaporize our cannabis has improved drastically! At home you can now see a Volcano on the living room table, with the bag of vapor ascending into the sky! Now with recent ability to enjoy our cannabis discreetly and efficiently, I now have been testing the waters of smoking distillate cartridges. After trying a few of the disposable batteries, I am glad to say I found the perfect cartridge pen for me, the Exxus Snap VV!
Lockdown Toking in 2020
With a little more time on our hands lately I have been filling with it with one of my favorite hobbies and loves...the sweet Mary Jane. 2020 has me tweaking and changing the ways I have been toking. To be...
Shell Shock's Featured Heady Artist: Darby Holm
We love heady glass here at Shell Shock! Darby Holm is definitely one of our favourite glass artists.
King Palms Pre-Rolled Cones Surge in Global Popularity

Learn more about why King Palm pre-rolled cones have become the choice to smoke weed with people all over the world. They are natural, smooth, and slow-burning. 

Meet our Neighbors in YEG
Since the beginning of our Shell Shock journey, we have definitely meet some real fantastic people.  We instantly made connections as we all have a dream in the Cannabis Industry of some sorts.  We want you all to meet our...
5 Reasons Why the GEAR Premium® Sidekick is the Best Water Pipe in the World
Are you looking for a technically exceptional smoking experience? You’ve come to the right place!
Welcome to Flavortown!

Whether you love the taste the taste of weed or not, variety is the spice of life. Tasty Puff Drops and The Original Bong Water Flavour  allow you to make your smoke almost any flavour you’d like.