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Understanding a Faint Line on your Home Drug Test
If you have ever taken a home drug test then you know the struggle of looking at the results and wondering if you have passed.
Choosing a Detox to Pass Your Drug Test
How to pass a Drug test effectively is one of the most heard questions at Shell Shock. The most difficult decision is trying to pick the right detox for you. There usually isn't one easy answer so we try to give you a few choices when it comes time to take your drug test. 
Instructions for using Detoxify Detox
Instructions for using Detoxify detox drinks.
Mega Clean VS. Mega Clean NT: What's The Difference?
Mega Clean NT or regular Mega clean, what is the best one for you.
Passing a Saliva / Swab Drug Test
Saliva drug test are not as scary as you might think, and if you know what you are doing they are pretty easy to pass.
False Positive on a Drug Test. What Can Cause It, and What to Avoid.
If you ever thought that you should have passed a drug test, and failed, it might be something you have taken that has given a false positive.
10 Simple Things to Help You Detox Your Body
Here are a few simple tips to help your body detox and try and insure passing your drug test. These things are just a good way to naturally detoxify your body before your urine drug test.  Besides, every little bit you can do to detoxify your body will help pass that urine drug test. Everyone's body is different so keep in mind that these do work, but not as effectively on everyone
Passing a drug test with Mega Clean

Looking to pass your drug test, however you have little time. Detoxify Mega Clean might be the product for you.  Read why this detox might be for you

How To Take a Drug Test Kit

 Doing your own self test is always a good starting point when it comes to figuring out which route to take next.  We definitely offer a variety of options depending on your time and situation.