Top 5 Smoking Accessories for the Savvy Stoner

Top 5 Smoking Accessories for the Savvy Stoner

Top 5 Smoking Accessories 


  1. Beeline Hemp Wick 

Tired of harsh bong rips? Want to remove those nasty lighter fumes? Then this is the accessory for you. Beeline Hemp Wick is a long piece of twine made out of natural hemp fibers , covered in beeswax. The beeswax creates a slow burn, acting like a candle wick. The purpose? Creating a chemical-free flame to light your weed with! 


Simply use your lighter to spark the tip of the hemp wick, and then use that flame to light your weed with. Shake the wick to put out the flame and you’re done! Cool, huh? 


Bee Line Hemp Wick at Shell Shock


  1. The Toker Poker

This multi-purpose tool is the best thing to have alongside your pipe or bong. I got one of these years ago and I haven’t gone back since! You’ll never need another home-made poker again with this tool.


The Toker Poker holds a Bic-sized lighter. It features a stainless steel poker which is perfect for poking through the hole in your bowl to clear it out, stirring your weed in the bowl, or even for picking up a dab. The Toker Poker also features a flat stainless steel surface (the tamper) to pack down your bowls. There are grooves in the Toker Poker for you to wrap your hemp wick around. They come in bright colours too, so no more misplacing your lighter! 


Toker Pokers at Shell Shock


  1. Ash Catchers

This bong accessory changed the game for me. My bong rips have become so much smoother with one of these. Ash catchers come in many different shapes and sizes, with a variety of different percolators. Look for the Ash Catcher that properly fits your bong (45 or 90 degree angle, and 14mm or 19mm bowl size), put it in your bong where you would normally put your bowl, and then put your bowl into the ash catcher! 

This Ash Catcher (pictured above) is the Pulsar 5.5” Showerhead Ash Catcher, 14mm with a 45 degree angle. This is just one option out of our ash catcher collection - shop now to see which type is best for you! 


Ashcatchers at Shell Shock



  1. Smokit Smoking Kit Dugout

You’ve probably heard of the classic dugout - it includes a one-hitter bat, a compartment to store your weed, and occasionally a cleaning tool. It’s a great accessory to have when you’re smoking on-the-go, but Smokit takes it one step further. 

The Smokit Smoking Kit comes with every aspect of your typical dugout (the bat, the weed storage and the cleaning tool). The best feature of this dugout is it’s built-in grinder! Open one side of the kit to reveal the grinder card. It works like a cheese grater, simply run your bud along the grooves until it's all shredded inside the container. On the top side, you’ll find two lids to open. On one side you’ll see your one-hitter and your cleaning tool. The other side will give you access to the weed you’ve just ground up. Having the grinder feature truly makes this accessory the all-in-one tool you’ll need for smoking on the go! 


Smokit Smoking Kit at ShellShock


  1. The Otto Grinder by BananaBros

Grinding and rolling your joints is a ritual to some, and a chore to others. The Otto grinder takes away that chore by doing BOTH of those steps for you! The Otto will grind your weed with just the push of a button, and uses A.I. technology to grind your weed the best way possible. The blades in the mill will automatically adjust in pressure, speed and direction based on the type of bud you’re using. On top of all that, the Otto will dispense weed through the bottom of the grinder into a pre-rolled cone - giving you the perfect joint to smoke! Never has grinding and rolling your weed been so easy (and so smart!)

Banana Bros Otto Grinder at Shell Shock


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