Shell Shock's Top 5 Joint Filters

Shell Shock's Top 5 Joint Filters

Top 5 Joint Filters

rolling-supplies-joints-papers-filters-raw-gizeh-smoking-juicy-jay-wraps-cones-rollers-shell-shock-cannabis-edmonton-canadaShell Shock's Top 5  Joint Filters


There are just so many filters to choose from these days but they all serve a purpose.  Most of the time any piece of firmer like cardstock texture should do it but then you have to cut it to the size you would want.  Check out our top 5 filter choices among the crew at Shell Shock.


5. Blazy Susan
 Blazy Susan’s are the new kid on the block. Made in France from premium quality materials, these filters roll great and have handy perforation marks. Also, they’re pink! Blazy Susan filters (and their matching pink papers) have quickly become one our most popular papers.


4.  Raw Tips 

 The classic! RAW makes a variety of filters to suit any smoker’s needs. Using centuries-old making-making techniques, RAW carefully makes each filter thin enough to roll effectively, but firm enough to hold their shape. Varieties include the Original, Perforated Wide, Perforated Black, Perfecto Cone Rolling Filters and a variety of pre-rolled filters.



3.  King Palm Terp Tips                                                                                              For when you’re feeling fancy. King palm filters are made are made out of corn husk and include a terpene-infuses flavor pod you crack to release the flavor. Great for use with blunts, or if you want a sturdy, flavorful filter for a primo doobie.


2.  Dank 7 Wood TIps                                                                                                 A unique one of this list. Dank 7 Tips are made of wood and soaked in flavor for 7 days. These provide great support for larger doobies, and provide tasty wonderberry or sugar cane flavor right to your lips.


1.  Shell Shock Filters                                                                                              Not to be too much of a Homer, but the Shell Shock Filters are genuinely our favorite. Unique in that they have multiple filters per page, Shellshock filters can offer you any size of filter you’d like, simply rip off as many filters as you’d like at a time and enjoy a filter that’s exactly the size you’d like. Available in 3 sizes, Dr. Kronic’s Krutches (narrow), Professor Hoots Phatty Philter (wide), Or Roachellas (narrow and long).


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