The BEST New Tokin Products of 2023!

The BEST New Tokin Products of 2023!

Hey Stoners! Today we're featuring some cool new products to hit the shelves at Shell Shock. We're big fans of these products, and we think you will be too. 

King Palm Roach Clips 

Gold and elegant, these roach clips are for the fanciest of stoners. King Palm’s new roach clips extend up to 1.5 feet! Add some style and relaxation to your smoke with this roach clip.


RAW Tray Scales

Weigh your kush in style with the gorgeous RAW x MyWeigh Tray scale. This scale is a powerhouse - measuring up to 1000g at a time, and measures at 0.01. The RAW tray scale is the perfect item for the stoner that wants to weigh their weed and roll it too! 


Zengaz Lighters

We’re often getting in new torch lighters from Zengaz, with such dope designs! These refillable torch lighters are a statement piece for any stoner. Whether you like your lighters pink and glittery, or trippy and fun, Zengaz has the design for you. 


NEW King Palm Flavours - Pineapple and Honey Orange

Here at Shell Shock, we’re big fans of King Palm. Their unique wraps are full of flavour in the filter tip, making them some of the juiciest blunts you’ll smoke. Among their many other flavours, there is now a 5 pack of Pineapple wraps, and a 2 pack of Honey Orange wraps (a collaboration with Suga Sean!). We HIGHly recommend checking these out! 


Vector Torch - Clash

This dope torch is a crossover between Vector and Wulf. The Clash (the torch, not the band) is a powerful butane torch that features the classic splatter design you see on your Wulf products. It has a flame height adjuster, and a flame lock button for the longest of dabs. 


RAW 70/30 Cones

Also known as the “dog walker” cones, this new RAW product is smaller than your traditional cones. These cones fit approximately half of a gram of kush, making them the perfect size for a solo-sesh when you’re, y'know, walking your dog. Can’t go wrong with RAW!


Piecemaker K9 Dog Bubbler

Man’s best friend! Piecemaker is back with their cutest bubbler yet. This little guy is a silicone balloon dog water pipe, with a removable tail where the bowl is. The mouthpiece is the dogs snout (perfect for puppy kisses). She’s cute, she’s discreet, she’s durable, she’s your new bestie!


Sutra DBR Pro

​​A new e-rig just dropped! This vape by Sutra features a glass bubbler component, 3 different heat settings, and 3 different types of coils (ceramic, quartz, and titanium). With haptic feedback, USB-C charging, and a sleek look, this e-rig is unique and powerful in its design.


That's all for now! For a more in depth look, stop by any of our 4 locations to chat with us and see the products in person. See ya soon!

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