Countdown of Top 10 Holiday Blazers

Countdown of Top 10 Holiday Blazers

How to Stay High When It's Cold Outside

Its getting cold out and though there are things like silicone bongs and silicone pipes and now of course cartridge vapes, its time to bring those glass garage bongs inside people. It's the time of year you gotta get serious about hiding that smoke stank from your landlord, smoke buddies and smoke odor sprays are more popular than ever and it is obvious why. If you've got to smoke outside, I personally enjoy a nice joint in the winter. I find it a little easier to smoke a joint with gloves on than a bong or pipe comparatively, i mean it's pretty tough to be constantly operating a lighter with mitts on so i try to minimize that with a nice cold joint. And because of that i'm gonna run through some essentials and some of my preferred joint smoking gadgets and papers.

#10 - Shell Shock Brand Filter Books

We have three distinct types of filters we produce ourselves. We have our most popular option the Dr. Kronics Krutches which have individual ¼ inch perforations. We certainly sell the most of these ones however I enjoy the Professor Hoots Phatty Filters with ½ inch perforations. I prefer a slightly larger filter in my smokes. We also have the Rocking Roachellas Skinny Filters now contrary to the name these are in fact not for skinny doobies they are ¼ inch perforations just like our first option but with a length of 3 ¼ inches compared to the other two which are only 2 inches long. The longer paper lends itself to use in blunts, double paper rolls or just thicker rolls in general.


#9 - King Palm Wraps

King palm wraps are made of all natural palm leaves, handpicked from the rainforests near Singapore from flowering cordia (borage) trees. The wrap is free from toxic or synthetically derived chemicals and coloring. unless you get the flavored variety they are free from artificial flavoring as well. It's because of this purity that gives the wraps a smooth burning naturally tasty, slow burning smoke. With a prerolled body and rolled corn husk filter pre installed for you all you have to do is pack it up and enjoy which of course is a great feature for the winter months.

king palm palm leaf pre rolled cones

#8 - Hemp Wraps

There are dozens if not probably hundreds of hemp wraps on the smokers market these days, they are mostly all good and I'd be hard pressed to say I have any clear favorites. We commonly hear that some people struggle to get them to stick as many of them use organically derived glucose based glue which can dry out and need rehydration prior to rolling. This can be done by simply breathing on the wrap prior to licking it and as strange as that sounds it really does make a world of change. Now I find that the juicy jay brand wraps don't have this problem as much and stick a little better so if you struggle with getting them to adhere together but still want a nice tasty hemp blunt id recommend a juicy jay wrap and with tons of intense flavors i promise you won't be disappointed.

hemp wrap rolling papers

#7 - Zig Zag Organic

With a perfect combination of both thinness and tensile strength the papers roll well and rarely rip or tear. Organically derived from the sap of the African acacia tree the natural properties of the gum Arabic provide a consistent and potent seal without imparting any foul flavors into your smoke. You can find them in 1 ¼ format or kingsize slim, with a rather striking green package they stand out on the paper wall and set themselves apart from the classic white and blue zig zags. I'd highly recommend these papers as your new go to if you're looking to try something new.

zig zag organic rolling papers

#6 - Elements Rolling Papers

Elements are made from natural earth friendly materials, burning with almost no trace except the ash from the natural glucose gum line that caramelizes beautifully as it burns. Each sheet is printed with a proprietary criss cross watermark, this helps prevent running burns and allows for a smooth smoke, you can see this watermark with the naked eye by holding a paper up to the light if you're curious. Crafted within the birthplace of rolling papers, in Benimarfull Spain surrounded by the mountains north of Alicante with renewable energy sources including both wind and solar power arrays.

elements rolling papers

#5 - Smoking Organic

Fully FSC(Forest Stewardship Council) certified papers with 100% natural vegetable based gum strip. With zero color or additives into the paper they are a very inert and enjoyable paper allowing the flavor of your chosen herb to really shine through and pronounce itself to its best potential. Smoking organic’s are one of my very favorite papers out there and I could smoke nothing but these guys and I'd be perfectly content. The Smoking company also donates a portion of profits generated from these papers to TREES FOR THE FUTURE to contribute to its valuable reforestation efforts.

smoking organic rolling papers

#4 - RAW Rolling Papers

I have to say that I love the RAW brand and love they're papers. You can't really go wrong with they're classics, organics or they are new RAW blacks they all exist in a league of their own. Raw has an immense amount of innovation and pioneering going into each of their products whether its something simple like their filters, ashtrays or something a little more obscure like the fantastically designed scales, grinders or of course cone packers which make quick work of filling a bunch of cones for your next outing. They RAW corporation with Josh Kesselman as the face of the company and acting CEO is focused on philanthropism and specifically providing education and water to third world villages across the African continent and in South America.

raw rolling papers

#3 - Pre Rolled Cone Papers

Pre Rolls are coming in so many different shapes and sizes these days in fact they come in lots of different flavors too! If you never learned to roll, don't do it well or perhaps you have an affliction that prevents you being able to roll then the pre rolled cones will still allow you to smoke your favorite herb no problem. From hemp wraps being pre rolled for you to simple 1 ¼ papers to full 2 foot long cones there is a vast array of options for you to meet your purpose and preferences whatever they may be. And in the cold frigid winters we face here you can still pack a cone in some pretty inhospitable conditions with relative ease making them useful for… well most of our lives actually.

pre rolled cones

#2 - Thumb Rollers

Thumb rollers are simple inventions that feature two rolling drums spaced just right to fit a joint between them. With the help of what is referred to as the rolling apron the thumb roller is born and you can fill the trough the apron creates with your herb. Proceed to add your paper and your filter and as you commence the simple motion of moving the rollers with your thumb the roller itself does all the work of wrapping the paper around your herb. You need only lick the gum strip and in the blink of an eye you'll have a perfectly cylindrical joint anytime, every time, anywhere even in the wind and cold of our Canadian winters.

thumb roller rolling aid

#1 - Roach Clips

Among the most underrated smoking devices out there. Every stoner especially one that enjoys a nice doobie should invest in a simple little roach clip, it's an age old invention that simply can't be beat, ideal for the heat when your sweaty hands are ruining the filter of your smoke and absolutely life saving for the cold winter days when it's easier to hold the clip with your gloves on than it would ever be to just grab the joint. That cold dry winter wind can be pretty brutal and this is an easy way to still sneak your smoke in without subjecting yourself to the unnecessary torture that is cold fingers.

roach clips

This has been a conclusive list of my favorite cold weather smoking gadgets, there are many honorable mentions like portable ashtrays to keep your butts to yourself when your done or perhaps the Raw Joint Ashtray that fits directly onto your filter and can function as a ashtray, rainguard or wind protection which is pretty great for winter smoking. Or of course any of the odor eliminators to help you smoke inside but that's not what we're talking about today. We appreciate your time in reading this article and hope it made an impression on your smoking journey. Stay warm out there and have fun getting high!


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