Best Bong Cleaners - What to Choose When Cleaning Your Bong

Best Bong Cleaners - What to Choose When Cleaning Your Bong

Before we get into the different products to clean a bong, we've got to know why a clean bong is important! Every time you take a rip, hoot or blast you introduce new nasty resins, residues and plant matter into your glass and water. This means each hoot will have some of the previous pull through.  This will result in the hoot being less flavourful, even a bit stale, and giving you a less effective hit.  We recommend cleaning your glass at least every week, and even up to as often as after every sesh. Just changing the water each session is an effective way to keep your hoots fresh.

Bongs are generally left sitting with water inside. When left too long, these damp pools are the perfect place for mold to grow. Since smoking mold is not recommended, keeping a clean bong is important. In order to keep your glass safe from disgusting spores, it is important to keep it clean, dry, and stored away in a safe place. Cleaning your bong between smoke sessions will ensure each time you take a hit, you get the maximum potency and ultimate experience.

So let us show you some of the more popular bong cleaners that we here at Shell Shock use.  Each one is a bit different and usually it's personal preference that determines what cleaner to use.


Orange Chronic

The real OG of the glass cleaner game.  Orange chronic is a great natural cleaner that has made cleaning your bong/pipe a delight rather than a chore

The Orange Chronic line is proven to be fast and effective, offering Immediate Results! Amazing orange taste and crystals to get into those hard to reach area

Agent Orange is made with natural & renewable resources that provide No After Taste or Smell.  This is the soaker version of Orange Chronic and works great for pipes and stems. Agent Orange is also reusable, so it will last a long time


Randy's Black Label

Randy’s Black Label Cleaner is one of our very best sellers. This response is based solely on the results that Black Label provides after every single use. Black Label is a lightning fast resin and goo cleaning solution for any metal, glass, or ceramic smoking utensil. Just apply Black Label to any piece, shake, and let it soak for a few minutes before rinsing out in warm water. In no time Randy’s Black Label will have your piece looking good as new, and performing like the day you pulled it off the shelf. Black Label is one of the hottest cleaners on the market.


Purple Power

Another main stay in the cleaning market! Purple power has found its niche in the cleaning market and doesn't disappoint with the results.  With the choice of instant or soaker, purple power gives you some choices.  Also available are it's 710 options which work on the rigs to get rid of that sticky oil, and the new Iso Pure option. And it's reusable! 

Purple power works great on all materials, so find the right kind of purple power for your cleaning needs and you'll be a happy stoner.



DC Quartz Cleaner 

After extensive research and development, DarkCrystal Glass brings you CLEAR - a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, unscented cleaning solution for surfaces such as acrylic, metal, cotton wick and specialty glass. A cleaning product so safe, yet so powerful. By simply soaking the surface in the solution it removes stubborn stains and rinses free leaving no toxic residue. A truly natural alternative. We like that. Since the beginning of specialized surface cleaners, options have generally consisted of chemical based solutions. 

Comes in 2 sizes, a large for the big projects and a mini bottle for keeping on hand to clean your banger as you go with a few drops after each session 


Now that you've explored a variety of different bong cleaners, remember whatever your cleaning needs - there is a product out there for you.  Most times you will try a couple of cleaners before settling on The One.  So next time you are by a Shell Shock make sure to check out the Bong/Pipe cleaners and try one out.  Or if you cannot make it to a shop, the online store will be able to service your cleaning needs.


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