New Smoking gadgets for summer 2023

Sweet Smokin' Gadgets for Fun in the Sun

Summertime Smoking Guide

As the weather gets warmer out and we start to spend more time outside lots of us migrate from our big ol bongs and start using more pipes maybe smoking more joints and such. well I've got a few portable recommendations for keeping you and your friends stoney on your next outing.

I love a nice day at the beach, lake day or just a picnic in the park so heres a few sweet gadgets and goodies to make those days even better.

First and fore most if your out and about your gonna need travel storage. I personally choose to keep my herb in our northern lights brand stash pro storage jar, Not only is it a nice high quality glass jar with hardy seal on the lid but its coated in rubber to help protect it from abrasion, bumps and tumbles. I like to throw my jar in my backpack along side a padded pipe case to help protect my glassware.

There are tons of different padded cases available and we carry a few of them including the Skunk brand, Ookeo or RAW pipe cases just to name a few. I really love the smell proof zippers that are available on so many of our different fabric cases. Because of this combined with a carbon lining layer in the fabric, many of these cases are smell containing which of course can be nice if you have a dirty, smelly pipe or if your dank is especially dank.

As for portable glassware it'll really depend what you like to smoke, I keep a glass pipe on me for flower and a nectar collector for concentrate. Both pieces will fit in the aforementioned travel cases in-fact you may be able to fit all of them in a single case like myself. I love joints but sometimes you just need a quick little toke and for that i keep a simple glass hand pipe ready.

A nectar collector is kind of like a glass straw that you'll heat up one end of using a hand torch and use that to melt and smoke your cannabis concentrate. The drawback of a nectar collector is you need to have a small torch which if you dab a-lot you may need to carry butane to refill. Despite this a nectar collector is still 10X smaller, more compact and portable that most dab rigs out there and will be my choice every time. 

Theres few things better than the feeling of a nice phat doobie between your fingers and the sun beating down on you on a nice summer day. I particularly love a nice hemp wrap because of the slow smoke and long lasting flavour. King Palm wraps are also really nice and they come in so many different flavours each containing a flavour bead located in the filter to really give you a next level flavourful hit time after time. 

There are so many crazy smoking tools available to us today, I encourage you to stop by Shell Shock today to explore them all and find what you like. Whether you prefer flower, hash, raw concentrate or pre filled cartridges theres so many options. Whatever way it is you prefer, just enjoy cannabis in your own way and try to do it outside this year to appreciate the wonderful earth that gave us this sweet green herb.


Come visit Shell Shock today to talk about portable smoking tips and options!



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