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Puffco Peak Pro
Puffco Peak Pro
Puffco Peak Pro
Puffco Peak Pro

Puffco Peak Pro


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Puffco Peak Pro Smart Rig

The Peak Pro is an electronic dabbing device that makes consuming concentrates as easy as pushing a button. As the first update to the original Peak, the Peak Pro further perfects an already stellar product by making subtle enhancements to both the design and technology that make this device such a standout. 

The changes Puffco made on the Peak Pro constitute everything you would want in an update like smoother hits, Bluetooth interface, and wireless charging, without changing the things that make this device so beloved in the first place. 

Real-time temperature control

While not a visible change, the real-time temperature control feature is one of the most palpable upgrades in terms of the smoking experience, providing noticeably smoother hits consistently. Due to a new kind of sensor in the atomizer, the temperature is kept perfectly even, regardless of how hard you hit the device, or how much oil you put in it. I've noticed that the oil does not burn onto the bottom of the chamber as it used to in the original Peak. 

Overall, the experience of hitting this device is markedly better than the prior version, and to me constitutes the single greatest improvement in the device.

The Bluetooth app 

While a bit of a pain to install, the Peak app is pretty cool. Compatible with both iOS and Android, the app allows the user total customization of the Peak Pro experience, as well as letting them know exactly what's going on with their device in real-time in terms of bowl temperature, battery charge, and so on. 

Wireless charging 

The new Peak Pro also comes with wireless charging, for an additional fee of $120. Honestly, it seems a little steep to me, considering the device is already pricey at $400, putting your total with the charging dock and shipping, etc well over $500. The dock is heavy, sexy, and beautifully designed, but it's definitely not a must-have addition. 

Larger capacity chamber

Another big improvement, especially for the headiest tokers among us, is the much larger oil chamber. It was important not to overload the prior version, as it could cause the device to overheat and/or burn the oil, but the new heating sensor allows this massive new chamber to handle any amount of oil you throw at it, accommodating everyone in your sesh.

Improved aesthetic

Puffco did a fantastic job of improving the aesthetic of the already beautiful Peak with its subtle, chic design updates. The glass is longer, thinner, and more elegant. Sweeping angles and curves in the base make it feel much better to hold. The oculus carb cap is perfect for taking cool dab vids, and the control over the LED lights is the definition of a crowd-pleaser. 

Here is what comes with your Peak Pro: 

  • Metal loading tool
  • Dual tools (fancy Q-tips)
  • AC adapter 
  • USB-C cable
  • Carb cap tether
  • Oculus carb cap
  • Chamber
  • Glass
  • Peak Pro Base
  • Carrying Case 


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