what is a Smoke Buddy and how do they work?

what is a Smoke Buddy and how do they work?

The Smoke Buddy is a true testament to the creativity and innovation in a stoners mind. As we were all younger smoking in our parents basement im sure many of use tried bounce sheets in the toilet paper roll, Soo much febreeze, Burning incense, Towels under the door. The list goes on for whacky ways we came up with for hiding our smoke and none of them really did the job did they? Well on top of incense or candles and smoke odor eliminating sprays we carry the one and only, the highly coveted and world renowned Smoke Buddy products. 

These revolutionary pieces of kit have totally changed the way we smoke in apartments and the like. Sold prefilled with clean activated carbon when you deposit your smoke through the Smoke Buddy it captures and neutralizes the smoke odor and particles stopping the smoke dead in its tracks allowing nothing to be released. This obviously means that the carbon powder in the body of the smoke buddy does trap the particles and does begin to clog up over time. I find personally a normal medium sized smokebuddy will last me about 3 to 5 months on average.

Activated carbon attracts and holds organic chemicals from vapor and liquid streams cleansing them of unwanted or otherwise harmful chemicals. It does have a limited capacity for these chemicals which is why these products are consumable, but is very cost effective for treating large volumes of air or water to consistently remove concentrations of contamination. For a better perspective, when individuals ingest chemicals or are experiencing food poisoning, they are instructed to drink a small amount of activated carbon to soak up and remove the poisons from their stomach or intestinal tract.  

Organic chemicals are attracted to carbon the best. Very few inorganic chemicals will be removed by carbon. The molecular weight, polarity, solubility in water, temperature of the fluid or air stream and concentration in the stream are all factors that affect the capacity of the carbon to remove the chemical. VOCs(volatile organic compounds) such as Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, Carbon monoxide, Certain oils and some chlorinated compounds are common target chemicals removed through use of carbon. Other large uses for activated carbon are the removal of odors and color contamination. 

In other less sciency words it is used in water and air treatment all over the world in tons of different applications. The big wigs and even most hobbyist cannabis farmers use a really similar carbon filter in their exhaust and sometimes intake lines to help eliminate not just dank cannabis stank coming out of their grow but also things like insects, smog or foreign, Harmful air pollution form permeating into their precious cannabis farm. These large carbon filters are really just big smoke buddies when you think about it, they are there to particularly focus on the air treatment and the smell from cannabis.

How to use a Smoke Buddy

Not like its rocket science and im pretty sure from the previous explanation you kinda get the gist but lots of people ask me for the perfect technique to execute when using the Smoke Buddy.

Personally id say these products work best with bongs, Work well with pipes and bubblers and just dont really help with joints and blunts.

The basic idea would be to just pack a little bitty bowl, no more than you can take in a single hit and then if you inhale ALL the smoke and then exhale ALL the smoke through the smoke buddy without any escaping youll be good to go! Your only concern is when the smoke doesn't quite make it into the filter. Thats basically why bongs work with Smoke Buddies better than joints or blunts do.

Check out our variety for Smoke Buddies in store or online at shellshock420.com we have tons of colors and 3 distinct sizes for you to choose from!


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