Mothers day gift ideas and essentials from Shell Shock

Mothers day gift ideas and essentials from Shell Shock

As mothers days quickly approaches we all gotta think of ways to value those wonderful women in our lives that well gave us life to begin with. If your mother is a dope smoking, Phat joint toking kinda lady then we will have just what she needs for her special day and even if she isn't we have some recommendations for YOU on her special day. 

 Theres so many things your mother might like this year, a new crock pot perhaps maybe a new set of towels or a nice new cast iron pan. All of these options are great but it just means more work, more cooking and more cleaning so what about we help our mothers relax this year, help them really kick back for once and chill the F**k out!



#1 Blazy Susan Rolling Papers

The world famous Blazy Susan Pink and purple Rolling Papers are made in France using premium materials that deliver a slow burn with absolutely no aftertaste. Instead of using hemp or rice paper, which can impart unwanted flavors and smells onto your smoking material, They use wood pulp so that your joints taste and smell the way they should. Blazy Susan Rolling Papers are also extremely tough compared to normal rolling papers. You won’t have to deal with nearly as many rips, tears, or holes being poked through your papers. They also come in both pink and purple varieties perfect for a festive mothers day themed doobie. Also available in cones for those that cant roll.

#2 Acil box 510 Vaporizer

The Acil cartridge vape is a luxurious and discreet way to enjoy your favorite 510 compatible cartridges. Crafted with a USB C port, this device delivers optimal performance with a hidden vape look that is stylishly disguised as an e-cig. Experience the perfect combination of elegance and dependability in your vaporization. perfectly covert so your mom can get medicated any old place she wants free from fear of any judgment. Available in a single or Double cartridge compatible variety!

#3 Exxus Mini Dry Herb Vape

A great intro dry herb vaporizer this unit is among the most cost effective amongst this category of vaporizer but still packs a nice punch and cuts down on much of the harmful resins and carcinogens produced from smoking, which of course is good for everyone but especially those of us starting to get a little older. This vape is a great budget option that is still hardy enough to last and is extremely easy to operate so there will never be confusion regarding the operation or function or the unit. 


#4 Rolling Tray 

We have tons of fun rolling trays for your mother to roll her doobies on. perhaps she already uses a vape and she's always making a mess on her bedside table well maybe she needs a little something to help contain her stuff. A rolling tray is obviously pretty useful in all kinds of situations so its a great general purpose gift for anybody.

#5 Odor Eliminator Spray 

These smoke odor sprays are formulated with natural odor-neutralizing enzymes that destroy odors rather than just masking them. It’s what makes these types of products uniquely different from other simple air fresheners on the market. Great for the home, car or anywhere else you might have an unwanted dank stank your moms been complaining about.

If any of these ideas struck a cord with you stop on by our West Edmonton Mall location today or order directly from our website for some of these fun goodies and so much more, Were open everyday so come on by and say high!

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