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Best joint storage out there and what makes them great!

In the dynamic world of cannabis consumption, the importance of preserving your joints cannot be overstated. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or a casual consumer, the quest for the perfect  Doob tube or joint storage container is akin to a sacred pilgrimage. It's not just about keeping your stash safe; it's about maintaining freshness, ensuring discretion, and, most importantly, enhancing your overall experience. This is why I've plunged into the depths of the market to bring you a meticulously curated list of the best Doob tubes and joint storage options available today. So, let's dive into a world where practicality meets innovation.

Learn about Doob Tubes and Joint Storage for On the Go

1. Best Overall: Medtainer Smell-Proof Container


The Medtainer Smell-Proof Container is not just a storage option; it's a revelation. Crafted from medical-grade plastic, this marvel offers a multifunctional solution for the discerning cannabis consumer. It's not merely about being smell-proof; the Medtainer incorporates a built-in grinder, making it a quintessential tool for both storage and preparation. What sets it apart is its durability and its ability to preserve the integrity of your herbs. Having personally tested its effectiveness on numerous camping trips and outings, I can attest to its unrivaled performance.

Insider Tip: Always make sure the lid is securely fastened to ensure maximum odor control.

Medtainer Shell Shock 420

2. Best for Travel: Medtainer Smell-Proof Container

Once again, the Medtainer Smell-Proof Container makes the list, this time as the best option for travel. Its compact design, coupled with its multifunctionality, makes it an indispensable companion for any journey. Whether it's a short trip to the beach or a long-haul flight, the Medtainer ensures your stash remains intact and odor-free. From personal experience, its resilience against the elements and the rigors of travel is unparalleled.

3. Best for Discretion: Doob Tube Brand Doob Tube 


In an age where discretion remains paramount for many cannabis users, the Joint Tube with the classic Doob Tube Label stands out while staying sleek and low profile. Its inconspicuous design mimics everyday items, allowing it to blend seamlessly into your daily carry. What's remarkable about this option is not just its ability to conceal odors but its understated elegance. Having used it in various social settings, I've appreciated its covert appearance, which diverts any unwarranted attention.

Doob Tubes Shell Shock 420

4. Best for Long Joints: Chrontainer

For enthusiasts of longer joints, finding suitable storage can be a challenge. Enter the Chrontainer, a game-changer for those who prefer their rolls on the longer or wider side. These tubes ensure that your meticulously crafted creations remain protected from exposure as well as bending or breaking. My personal journey with these tubes has been nothing short of transformative, providing peace of mind that my joints are always in pristine condition.

Chrontainer Storage Container Shell Shock 420

5. Best for Short Joints: Metal Joint or Cigarette Tins

Conversely, for those who favor shorter joints, metal cigarette tins offer the perfect solution. Its compact size is ideal for discreet storage and transportof multiple smaller joints, without sacrificing protection. These stashes have been a mainstay in many's daily routine, offering reliability and convenience in equal measure for generations before and to come.

Metal Cigarette Tins Shell Shock

6. Best for Blunts: Chrontainer

Blunt aficionados, rejoice! The Chrontainer is designed specifically with you in mind. Its wider diameter accommodates the heft of a blunt, ensuring it remains secure and undamaged. I've found these tubes to be indispensable for preserving the freshness and integrity of my blunts, especially when on the move.

7. Best for King Size Joints: RAW Three Tree Case

Lastly, for those who indulge in king-size joints, the RAW Three Tree Case provides ample space to accommodate your larger creations. These tubes not only protect your joints but also accommodates Three nice king size joints or cones.

RAW Three Tree Case

Real-Life Example: The Importance of Using a Doob Tube

Sarah's Story

Sarah, a cannabis enthusiast, used to store her joints in regular plastic bags, often leading to crushed or damaged joints. One day, a friend introduced her to the concept of using Doob tubes for storing joints. Skeptical at first, Sarah thought this would be an unnecessary precaution but decided to give it a try.

After purchasing a few simple Doob tubes, Sarah noticed a significant difference in the quality of her smoking experience. Not only were her joints well-protected from external elements, but the travel containers also helped maintain the freshness of the cannabis.

Sarah's favorite was the Medtainer Smell-Proof Container, which she found perfect for both everyday storage and travel. The airtight seal ensured that no odor escaped, providing her with a discreet and convenient way to carry her joints.

Overall, Sarah's switch to using sealed containers not only improved the longevity of her joints but also enhanced the overall enjoyment of her smoking sessions.


If your a busy stoner always out and about but joints are your thing, consider being more like Sarah and getting yourself some storage options for all your pre rolls on your next excursion. We are happy to carry these options and more in store and here online at, so go ahead and look through our selection for something that will work best for you!

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