Pan's Ink Terpene Mix

Pan's Ink Terpene Mix


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Pan's Ink Terpene Drops

Pan’s Ink® is fueled by Terpenes, the molecules that give plants and flowers their particular scents and perfumes. A significant number of the physiological impacts you encounter when smoking your herbs are because of the plant’s special “terpene profile”. Which in straightforward terms depicts which sorts of terpenes are plentiful in your herb’s basic oil.

Day Dream: With Linalool for relaxation and Pinene for focus. A favorite of artists of all stripes, Daydream™ inspires creative thoughts, is wonderful for listening to music and enjoying art, and is perfect for a mellow but alert day. May be Useful for: Daytime, Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Creativity*

Drowsy: With Linalool and Myrcene for deep relaxation. It starts out warm and fuzzy, and smoothly transitions you into a relaxed state where it is difficult to keep your eyes open. Drowsy™ won’t put you to sleep, it will just help your body put itself to sleep.

Focus: With Limonene for calming and Pinene for focus.Whether it be in front of a computer working or in front of a game concentrating, Focus™ will help keep you mellow and present—the perfect combination for sitting comfortably and concentrating for long periods of time. May be Useful for: Daytime, Stress, Pain, Relaxed Productivity*

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