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First things first. The perfect smoke starts with a good grind. You need one of these to grind your herb to the right consistency for an even and smooth smoking experience. 

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Probably everybody's stoner journey starts with rolling a good ol' spliff, joint or blunt.

Quick Tip: Be the friendly stranger at the party this weekend. Bring weed and papers.

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Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

We are a picky bunch when it comes to the best glass pipes to smoke the latest kush. Check out the top ten pipes as chosen by our "very experienced staff"

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Take a break n' vape

Weather you have quit smoking or want the cleanest high, we got a range of vape pens to keep your head in the clouds. 

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You wanna get high, man?

Everybody loves Cheech and Chong and we've got some of their latest merch. 

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Exotic Bongs "R" Us

Let it rip with our range of high end glass bongs. If you want to see these special pieces up close, don't hesitate to call and arrange a viewing. 

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To put it bluntly, thats a wrap.

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