Passing a Saliva / Swab Drug Test

Passing a Saliva / Swab Drug Test

Passing a Saliva / Swab Drug Test

Mouth swab test detection Edmonton Canada

Saliva drug test are not as scary as you might think, and if you know what you are doing they are pretty easy to pass.  Saliva tests are newer to the canadian labor market. With a little information and maybe a product or 2, we can help you understand the simplest way to pass a saliva drug test.

With Saliva testing becoming more common, it's tragic that people are losing their jobs, when there are great products out there to help you out 

Saliva testing is becoming more common, and there are a variety of reasons for them, including that they are cheap, easy to administer, and can be done in under 15 minutes. Because of these reasons they are becoming more widely used in job drug testing.

The good thing about saliva testing though, is that it only shows usage in a 12-36 hr window.  If you are a light user you are more likely in 12 hr window.  For chronic or heavy tokers, there could be a 72 hr window.  Which is why we recommend you get mouthwash if you are a heavy user.

How do Mouthwashes work?

Most saliva mouthwashes contains chemicals that neutralize your saliva.

Now it’s important to note to you that it doesn’t permanently clean your saliva. You don’t swallow this stuff, so it’s not doing anything inside you other than neutralizing what’s in your mouth.

Fresh saliva comes into your mouth regularly, and it’s common sense that fresh saliva could contain fresh metabolites.

So when you use a saliva cleansing mouthwash you are only temporarily getting rid of the toxins. Within about 15 minutes, more will start to come into your mouth if you happen in your body. Sometimes, you do get as long as 30 minutes though. It’s a small window of opportunity, but it’s enough.

Here are some very simple instructions for using most mouthwashes

If you have enough notice of the mouth swab drug test then you can take countermeasures in advance. The first thing to do is brush your teeth every couple of hours, focusing on the gum line and the cracks between your teeth. The second thing to do is to use a strong mouthwash every couple of hours as well ( beware ones with alcohol if you are also doing an alcohol test). Also, drink plenty of water and eat fatty foods as well.

About 15 minutes before your test, be out of sight of everyone and swill half of the liquid from the small and discreet bottle around in your mouth. Spit it out, and repeat the process.

You then need to conceal, dispose of the bottle and get your mouth swab sample done within 15 minutes. Remember, when you are having the mouth swab test done, you can cough or gag, and pretend there’s a problem and make them pull the swab away from the really dangerous areas along the inner gum line, and at the bottom of your mouth under your tongue.

Do Mouthwashes work?

From posting and research online they certainly seem to work.  Even in Shell Shock we have just heard good things about the mouthwashes, with lots of returning customers.

Is it possible to pass an oral test naturally?  Of course.  If you have at least 24hrs notice, a combination of completely stopping, using a strong mouthwash, drink plenty of liquids and eat fatty foods can be enough to pass the test.  You should test yourself to be completely sure, or if you want to be sure, then get a mouthwash

Where to get a Mouthwash

Never fear, we sell them at Shell Shock.  Click here to get our selection of mouthwash or if you are looking to test yourself click here for our at home drug testing