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Instructions for using Detoxify Detox

Detoxify herbal cleanse drink - Shell Shock

Detoxify Detox Drink Instructions

With over 20 years of experience, Detoxify is a leader in drug detox drinks.  With such products as Ready Clean, XXtra Clean, Mega Clean, they have you covered when it comes to passing a drug test. 

How Detoxify Works

Detoxify cleanses are designed to support optimal outcomes.

Ingredients: Using a time-tested combination of herbs, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Water: In order for your urinary system to honor its side of the bargain, we recommend a specific amount of water intake with each product.

Regimen: We provide specific instructions regarding the introduction of water and ingredients at precise intervals.

Be sure to follow the instructions as strictly as possible to ensure optimal results.

Detoxify Mega Clean, XXtra Clean & Ready Clean Directions:

  • Pick your day and time for using your Detoxify detox drink for intensive cleansing. Take drink 2 - 3 hrs before your test
  • Do not eat for at least 2 hours before you take your drink. Also do not eat while on the product.
  • Shake the drink well and drink entire contents of the bottle.
  • The drink begins to immediately work to help support your body’s natural cleansing process.
  • Wait 15 minutes. Refill the the bottle with water – shake and drink.
  • If using Mega Clean NT, take the blue pill.
  • You can also have a multi-vitamin at this time.  It can add color to your urine.
  • Urinate frequently. Frequent urination indicates that you are experiencing optimal cleansing.  Try to urinate 3-4 times before your test
  • You can have some more water 2 hours after you first begin your cleanse
  • Ideally go for your test 3 hours after taking your Detoxify drink

To further enhance Mega Clean’s effectiveness:

  • Extend your intensive cleansing program by taking  PreCleanse Herbal capsules 2 days prior to using you Detoxify Detox
  • Eat light meals including fruits, vegetables, and fiber prior 
  • Exercise regularly, and drink at least 12 8oz glasses of water in the days prior to using you Detoxify detox

Does Mega Clean Work?

With its powerful ingredients, Detoxify Mega Clean is the detox drink that has been effective for millions of people who are committed to cleansing. Simply follow Mega Clean’s guidelines for intensive cleansing and the Mega Clean directions, and you will experience optimal cleansing.