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Why Kasher is a Stoner's Best Friend

Kasher Lighter Tools

The Kasher is a neat little stoner tool that can be used a bunch a different ways. It's super handy in the aspect that it slides right onto your lighter.  The chances of you having your kasher with your is pretty high.  It's pretty much the ultimate pokey tool with a couple tricks up it's sleeve.

Did you know that lighters are one of the most commonly found item in pockets worldwide? KASHER® lighter tools bring utility to your lighter like no other lighter tool. They are small and compact, but can be used for a very wide variety of applications. Also, use them to open packaging, press electronic device 'reset' buttons, open letters, and makeshift a knob. You never know need when you'll need a strong, edged little tool, and if a lighter might be in your pocket anyway, why not be prepared?

  It easily slides down your lighter to help you with your delightful shenanigans. It is there whenever you need it, since it hugs your BIC® lighter tightly. We’ve noticed that it’s easier to keep track of our lighters when they’ve got a KASHER® attached.   Kasher's also make their tool for the Bic Mini and Clippers too!

Don't forget to flash us your Shell Shock Kasher when you come by the store!  It's always nice to see you guys rockin' some Shell Shock Love and it doesn't go unnoticed. 

We are hoping to get some new designs in the New Year, so let us know which design you like most in our comments.  Thanks for checking us out and visit our website www.shellshock420.com for more awesome blogs and deals.

If you need a Kasher here is link to our website.


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