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why everyone needs a rolling tray

A rolling tray is a pretty simple piece of equipment but it definitely makes the difference from an amateur to a connoisseur level smokers kit. Whether your a new smoker or you've been smoking for years i'm sure your tired of spilling weed all over your lap or table every time you roll one, a simple light weight rolling tray is the perfect solution to that problem.

You've probably always thought to yourself "who needs a tray this dvd, plate, park bench, etc works just fine" well i guess it does but your missing out on all the benefits a real, smooth purpose made rolling tray offers you. Theres plenty of reasons why a nice rolling tray makes the difference and were here to go over all that today with you.

What is a Rolling Tray?

A rolling tray is simply any flat tray, Designed to hold you rolling tools and keep your herb in one place. Rolling trays will vary in size and of course color and design. Most commonly made from wood, plastic or aluminum rolling trays are usually enjoyed by those who prefer joints but really come in handy for vapes, pipes, bongs and especially dab rigs and the intricacies that can come with that.

An under appreciated part of the smokers arsenal but absolutely necessary once you've had one. Many cannabis focused brands like cookies or even us at Shell Shock have our own trays. Most rolling paper brands have a selection of rolling trays as well so there shouldn't be any shortage of funky designs to choose from at your local Shell Shock or dispensary.


Rolling Trays being an organizational tool


Rolling trays are great if your an at home smoker because you always know where your papers or perhaps where the grinder and lighter is cause you can just leave it all on the tray and your never guessing or searching through your couch cushions again. You really gotta look at it like some kind of fruit bowl for your smoking accessories, always storing your stuff just waiting for you to need it again. While of course keeping your stuff together when not in use the biggest benefit is how it keeps it together while actually in use.

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Long gone are the days of brushing off your lap after rolling a joint or getting those little black specks on your table from your gross ashy lighter. A Purpose built tray will keep your ground up herb contained to a clean "weed only surface" and can be especially beneficial for keeping things like dirty tools or lighters off your wife's nice new coffee table. Some rolling trays come with built in compartments or additional storage and general doo dads so while some of those can be pretty sweet you can never go wrong with a classic RAW rolling tray.


Rolling Trays, A Portable smoke Station

Most smokers have a kind of smoking station they seem to develop, whether your is in your garage maybe your balcony or your backyard, perhaps its right in the comfort of your living room. Where ever you like to smoke you probably have a table and a little smoke station of all your essentials, A rolling tray is a fantastic addition to every station and of course it can provide you a portable smoke station just like your garage or backyard or living room any where you go.

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As we briefly discussed there is hundreds of different trays available, sizes brands, designs you name it but i personally really enjoy a classic tin/aluminum RAW or OCB tray with the magnetic lids attached. There are also plastic clip on lids available but i love the magnetic ones they are sleek and smooth but they hold themselves on well and can keep your stuff safe while your bringing the tray around with you. Larger trays can certainly still be brought around with you but the smaller rolling trays can easily fit into handbags and purses making them excellent portable smoking stations.



A rolling tray can be a smokers best friend, a portable work station that doubles as storage as well as saving your crumbs from being swept away onto the floor or into the trash. Obviously the smaller trays are great for travel while the larger ones are best suited for at home but you gotta try it out and see just which one works best for your smoking style.

Rolling trays are inexpensive and usually long lasting and durable products that no smoker regrets having on hand so check out or come on down to one of our four Shell Shocks located around Edmonton to browse our rolling trays today!





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