Top ten reasons to buy a StoneSmiths' SLASH

Top ten reasons to buy a StoneSmiths' SLASH

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a StoneSmiths’ SLASH



The SLASH is the prime launching product of StoneSmiths —a “new” Canadian manufacturer that entered the market to take the quality standards to a peak level! StoneSmiths founders have been in the industry for more than seven 7 years and after almost a decade of research, experience, design thinking, and engineering, they introduced, SLASH.

SLASH is an elegant, discrete, and luxury feel cannabis vape pen, for those who love to experience the full terpenes of every strain and want to have a device that makes sure the precious dab is efficiently vaporized. This StoneSmiths’ notable product has the best capabilities seen in high-quality vaporizers and some.

The StoneSmiths’ SLASH was recently named one of the best dab pens of 2020. This means a lot of its features are competing one-on-one and overpassing signature brands like Dr. Dabber and Puffco. Plus, it’s even known on social media as the “Puffco Killer!”.

One exciting new addition is the new SS colour  introduced a month ago, which got such a great response that went out stock within days! Thankfully, it is back in stock and selling like crazy. Perhaps the most compelling new features are the (patent pending) Unique Airflow, the Ergonomic Mouthpiece Design, the Magnetic Cap, and the Coilless Ceramic Bowl.

After a fair introduction, let’s see the Top 10 Reasons to Buy a StoneSmiths’ SLASH


  1. Nothing Beats Its Flavour

The StoneSmiths’ SLASH is hands down the best option for your terps. It has 3 temperature settings that allow you to optimize the concentration of the molecules and get the best of your already precious concentrate.

To best understand the temperature ranges, check out their social media and website where they teach more than the average account.

  1. Great Efficiency

You don’t get good performance, you get outstanding efficiency with the StoneSmiths’ SLASH! Plus, if you use its integrated loading tool, you are cutting your waste to about cero. Additionally, it is almost certain that after your first round you will check to add some product as usual but you will find still a bunch inside waiting for another hit.

  1. Luxury Looks

Aesthetics is a subjective thing. However, no matter what your taste is, the SLASH has an iconic look that makes it seem elegant, attractive, and discrete. This is a slick-looking pen. It is clearly meant for business.


  1. Impressive “Self-Cleaning” Capacity

The airflow system forces air to circulate the bottom of the bowl, providing ultimate flavour and preventing clogging in the air path. There is no way to argue how handy it’s to be able to switch gears and dabs in a swing. This holds true also thanks to the coilless ceramic chamber.

  1. Options Galore

This begins with the exterior where you can select from SS colour, glossy gunmetal, or matte black. The product has been on the market for 4 months and you will soon also have the option of purchasing a cleaner kit and fun coloured protective sleeves.

  1. An Upgraded Battery

SLASH has done a lot to increase the comfort factor with its 1000mAh battery, making sure its users get a long-lasting adventure. Plus, it’s a cold weatherproof battery that won’t let you down on a challenging night.

  1. Old-School Extra Goodies

You can expect a pretty nice amount of goodies included in the already outstanding package. The kit includes an additional loading tool that offers optional airflow intake, an extra silicone mouthpiece, and a silicone concentrate container to carry all your favourite dabs.

  1. Nice Array of Safety Features

The StoneSmiths’ SLASH offers some nice features to keep you and your stoner friends safe. The heat stability control makes sure you don’t overheat your concentrate and start burning instead of vaporizing and monitors any out of the ordinary performance of the device. It also includes a heat protector band and the silicon mouthpiece to keep your hand and mouth clear. 

  1. Durability and Reliability

We are talking about good material selection and attention to detail from the inside out. With a majority of metal-made elements, you know that SLASH not only looks great but will stay with you for a good ride. The stainless steel version offers what seems and anti-scratch surface and the gunmetal one has an amazing fingerprint coding. Their overall simple design leaves no detail out and the full removal of the chamber makes it very easy to work on and keep your pen in shape.

  1. Customer Service

Throughout hundreds of verified-buyers’ reviews you can find on their website, youtube, and other seller’s sites. You won’t get tired of reading and watching the praise for their customer service. It doesn’t matter from who you bought the product, they will take care of you directly and personally.


Time to buy your slash.



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