Stay Warm and Smoke Indoors Without the Smell!

Stay Warm and Smoke Indoors Without the Smell!

Hey stoners! It’s me, Mary Jane, back at ya with another Shell Shock blog! As we all know, Alberta is known for having terribly cold winters (we were even the coldest place in the WORLD the other day???). And as a stoner, I’m sure we all know how difficult it is to stay high while the weather is so frigid. 

I’m here to make your winter woes disappear! I’ve crafted my own personal ritual for smoking indoors without stinking up the place - guaranteed to save you from an angry landlord AND frostbite! These products are hiiiiighly recommended by all our staff here at Shell Shock, and I’m going to show you how to use them flawlessly! Stay high, my friends. 

The Smoke Buddy

Ah yes, the classic Smoke Buddy. An upgrade to the sploof you’d make in highschool, this device is a personal air filter to remove smoke and odour. The Smoke Buddy is equipped with a carbon filter to neutralize the smell of your hoots. After inhaling your toke, blow slowly through the smoke buddy and watch the smoke disappear! 


Smoke Buddy Air Filter Shell SHock Edmonton Canada 

Clipper Multi-purpose Lighter

Okay, bare with me here. I know this is just a lighter, BUT - it’s the perfect lighter. The extended length helps control your flame to lessen the amount of excess smoke coming out of the bowl. The best part? Flip that bad boy over and use the bottom of the lighter to cover your bowl after lighting it. This is the best way to avoid all that extra smoke from getting into the air, and clippers fit perfectly into most bowls! 

Clipper lighter Glass Bong SHell SHock Edmonton CanadaClipper Lighter Multi Glass Bong Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

Smoke Odor Candles

This one is a game changer, guys. I seriously can’t stress enough how amazing these candles are. Coming in a huge variety of scents, Smoke Odor candles work hard at eliminating smoke odors rather than just covering them up. The wax of these candles is made of hydrocarbons that activate when heated - meaning that these candles not only eliminate smoke odour, but all odour. That’s right, it’ll get rid of your weed stank, your pet’s stank, or your stank. Best part? These candles have an insanely long burn time, lasting for over 70 hours!

Since getting one of these bad boys and combining it with my Smoke Buddy, I haven’t gotten a single complaint from my landlord. Smoking indoors has never been easier!

Smoke Odor Spray

Even with the unstoppable forces of the Smoke Buddy and Smoke Odor Candle, I will need a little extra help. Sometimes I’ll cough, miss my smoke buddy, or forget to light my candle. Forgetfulness is the stoner way of life, afterall. When all else fails, these smoke odor eliminating sprays are concentrated and powerful against stray smells. Simply spray some in the room you’re in and let it do its job! An essential for bigger rooms. 

Recommended: Smoke Odor Happy Daze, Orange Chronic Spray

Smoke odor spray Shell Shock Edmonton Canada


A classic weed smoke coverup used all over the world, and a great way to give your home a new smell. When burned, incense smoke fills the room with a strong scent (of your choice), thus helping to cover up the smell of the weed! All you need is a few sticks and a good incense holder. I use my incense burner in a separate room, so if any smoke odour travels, the incense can cover it up. Be careful not to burn your incense too close to your Smoke Odor candle, or all that good smell will be eliminated (I told you those candles were good)! 

Check out our variety of scents, from Wildberry to Satya. I hiiiiighly recommend Wildberry’s Mulberry, Peach, or Baked Brownie. 

incense air Freshener Shell SHock Edmonton Canada

And that’s it my friends! This is my perfected combination to a stank-free winter. Guaranteed to make your smoking experience a hell of a lot warmer. Take that, landlords.

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