Shell Shock is showing some love for king palms!

Shell Shock is showing some love for king palms!

King Palm Wraps

For those bored of the same old papers, hemp wraps and blunts and who are looking for a new, innovative and natural way to smoke your favourite herbs, there’s none better than  King Palm. King Palm has quickly become a global leader in producing high-quality, handmade and tobacco-free palm leaf pre rolled cones and wraps. Their beautifully crafted and highly regarded products are made of 100% sustainably sourced palm leaf and have assisted the shift in consumer behaviour away from tobacco-laden smoking papers and towards a more dense, natural, ‘healthier’ and more fulfilling smoke. For those still on the fence, read through this article find out how King Palms are changing the smoking industry with their innovation, quality and craftsmanship.

If you've never tried king palms nows the perfect time! Here at Shell Shock for a limited time were doing a buy four papers get a free king palm flavoured filter tip, Were also hosting a little King palm giveaway for people to take part in so drop by a Shell Shock today to check out our sweet selection and our fun prize pack.

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What you see is what you get with King Palm - that’s what we love about them. All their products are made from 100% all-natural palm leaf and don’t contain any chemicals or preservatives. Their decision to go all in was inspired by the traditional smoking methods dating back to the 10th century of ancient civilizations smoking leaf-wrapped cigars. The idea of a simpler time when you smoked with only the materials around you was appealing and so  King Palm  was established in 2016. The palm leaf used in  King Palm’s products comes from the flowering leaves of the Corda tree which is sustainably resourced across Southeast Asia. The plant’s wonderful smoking properties and its ability to regrow quickly and abundantly ensures a premium smoking experience while remaining ecologically sustainable. By being completely natural, King Palm’s palm leaf pre-rolled cones don’t contain any unpleasant added ingredients, additives, chemicals or glue, making for a more pleasant, premium and elevating smoke compared to other ordinary papers on the market.


The all-natural properties of King Palm, palm leaf wraps adds an entirely new dimension to the smoking process. With years of design under their belt and the highest quality control standards possible, King Palm have elevated the smoking experience to a whole new dimension. It’s no wonder they’ve quickly become one of the most popular pre-rolled cones on the market. The handmade craftmanship of each pre-rolled cone guarantees an ideal smoke every single time. It’s always smooth, even and consistent while burning extremely slow so you can enjoy your favourite herb for longer. With a flavourful slow burn, these pre-rolled cones are perfect for sharing with your friends or just as good to enjoy alone. 

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King Palm’s palm leaf pre-rolled cones make smoking incredibly quick and easy. With these perfectly rolled tubes, made from the most delicious palm leaf on the market, you can stop fussing with papers and enjoy smoking your herbs faster than ever before. Each packet of pre-rolled cones come with a King Palm branded bamboo packing stick to help you push your herbs evenly into the cone for an even, non-canoeing and slow burning smoke. King Palm’s pre-rolls come in a variety of different sizes including mini, slim and king providing you with an array of options when it comes to the quantity of herb you’d like to pack. The mini can hold up to one gram, the slim can hold up to one and a half grams while the king can hold a whopping two grams giving you plenty of choice no matter how much you smoke.

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Enhance the flavour of your smoke and give your tastebuds something to sing about with King Palm's  awesome range of unique flavours. The terpene infused flavoured pre-rolled cones come with a flavour capsule inside the cornhusk filter tip. With a firm squeeze of the tip, you'll quickly release all the beautiful natural flavours and enjoy a cool wave of flavour with every drag. All their flavours are just as natural as the palm leaf itself with none containing any artificial ingredients. Experiment with a whole host of wonderful aromas including Watermelon, Mango, Banana Cream, Berry Terps, Magic Mint, Lemon Haze, green apple and so many more.

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King Palm  offers a full replacement program for any and all broken, cracked, stale or otherwise damaged wraps you may receive. They offer a help line you can call anytime at 844 452 4448 or email to inquire about your unsatisfactory wrap and how to go about replacement so you can get back to smoking asap! I haven't personally had to use this service yet but it is a great testament to how much they stand behind their products. 

Come check out our king palm wraps in store at one of our four Shell Shock locations or here online at


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