Show Mom You Care 420 Style

Show Mom You Care 420 Style

Being a Mom is a tough but rewarding job. Sometimes having a little toke is exactly what mom needs to take the edge off and get through the day. Is there a Mom in your life who enjoys cannabis? Why not get her a little something special from Shell Shock this Mother's Day?

A lot of people are more switching to distillate pens than the traditional hoot.  They’re quick and easy and very discreet! You can either purchase a distillate cartridge and screw it right into a battery, or purchase empty cartridges and fill them yourself. We have a wide range of pens to suit any mom’s needs. From the simple auto draw style (no buttons just inhale), to a range of button style options. Most of the button style options will have multiple temperature settings and a preheat setting. The preheat setting allows you to keep the device on for about 10 to 15 seconds and inhale from it as much as you’d like. Distillate is usually quite a bit stronger than smoking flower, so mom can have a quick puff or two and be ready to go on with her day.



Glass hand pipes make a great gift for the mom who smokes. Mom will definitely appreciate that you took the time to pick out a pipe that is unique and speaks to her. Next time you’re at Shell Shock check out pipes made by Samantic's Glass. She is an Edmonton based glass blower who has a keen eye for vibrant colours. She also does unique designs on her pipes, like her floral series which looks like flowers floating in a milk bath, or her fruit series, which features a piece of fruit on the bowl and matching colours throughout the pipe.



A joint can be the perfect way to end a day of chasing little ones around. If you haven’t tried them already, Blazy Susan papers are wonderful to roll with. They are super thin, vegan, non-GMO, burn slowly, have no aftertaste, and they’re pink! They also make filters to match the papers. If mom doesn’t have time to roll one up, they make pre rolled cones as well! I first purchased them because they were cute, but they are now my favourite paper because of how nice they are to roll with and how evenly they burn.


Here’s a tip for all the partners out there: While mom is smoking that end of the day joint, draw them a nice relaxing bath. When they gets out of the tub, be ready with Hempz lotion (available in a variety of scents from Shell Shock), and give that deserving momma a massage!


Still not sure what to get mom? Our mystery boxes are always a great option. We’ve categorized them into different themes, so however mom likes to enjoy her cannabis there’s a mystery box for her. All boxes are packed with the customer in mind, so you get lots of extra value in each box.

Mother’s Day is on Sunday May 9th. Stop by Shell Shock to grab that tokin’ mom in your life a gift and while you’re here treat yourself too!

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