5 Reasons Why the GEAR Premium® Sidekick is the Best Water Pipe in the World

5 Reasons Why the GEAR Premium® Sidekick is the Best Water Pipe in the World

(Originally published on HighTimes.com)

Founded in 2004, GEAR Premium has been skillfully crafting some of the most well-designed water pipes you’ll find anywhere.  The GEAR Premium® Sidekick is no exception.  Designed in Canada with a beautifully constructed, patent-pending built-in lighter holster, you’ll always know where to find your fire. Here’s why the GEAR Premium® Sidekick is the best water pipe in the world: 

Iconic & Timeless Design

There’s nothing like it out there.  We hand selected our most popular GEAR Premium Beaker Base water pipes and added an innovative twist on a  timeless design.  Thanks to its patent-pending, built-in lighter holster, it is stunningly unique and undoubtedly cool. The Sidekick offers a smooth smoking experience without ever losing your lighter again!  Trust us when we say you’ll want to show it off to everyone and anyone.

Dynamic Performance

You’ll get the smoothest and tastiest hits from this glass masterpiece. Every GEAR Premium® Sidekick is designed with an emphasis on dynamic performance and includes a flush mount diffuser downstem. What does this mean? The precision cut diffuser downstem provides not only increased but also smaller bubbles allowing more contact between the smoke and water, which means more cooling of the smoke and filtration for the cleanest hits. A technically exceptional smoking experience indeed.


They come in a whole fleet of luxury designs in different colors, styles and sizes. The GEAR Premium® Sidekick is known for it’s amazing design and cool hits.  Whether you want to chill out with the laid back neck, are a straight shooter with the straight beaker tube, want something fancier with dual chambers and barrel dome percs or need something more heavy duty with the 7mm thick Sidekick, there’s definitely a GEAR Premium® Sidekick for everyone. Not to mention that the team is releasing new styles and colors in the next few months so you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes peeled!

Only Quality Parts & Features

What would the best water pipe in the world be made of? GEAR Premium® Sidekick is made of 100% pure borosilicate thick glass meaning it contains boron trioxide, which allows for a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. Long story short, it won’t crack under extreme temperature changes unlike regular glass.  It’s now available in both 5mm & 7mm thickness. Not only that, it’s designed with a hand crafted infinity mouthpiece to give it the timeless aesthetic. It also comes with a signature thumper cone bowl with a handle for easy pulling when it gets too hot, 24K gold decals and a wide range of colors including our highly acclaimed color changing glass. How does color changing glass work, you ask? When this mystifying technique interacts with the resin that builds up, it changes the glass from yellow to blue tones. What more could you ask for?

The Complete Package

…Literally. You don’t just get a piece of well-crafted, high tech glass when you purchase a GEAR Premium® Sidekick. You get the best water pipe in the world, PLUS a GEAR Premium® Sidekick t-shirt, lighter, keychain and sticker all for FREE. Get the full “Sidekick” experience in every box

There aren’t many pieces out there (if any) that can match this amazing water pipe and it’s no wonder the GEAR Premium® Sidekick is on top of every stoner’s wishlist. The Sidekick offers more than just a smoking device. It’s a stunning masterpiece that combines aesthetics with performance and offers exclusive features that are incomparable. Thankfully the folks from Shell Shock knows everyone deserves a Sidekick so we're offering an exclusive 10% off discount specially for you. Just use Kick10 at checkout

Never lose your fire again with the GEAR Premium® Sidekick.

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