Invest in a Premium Herb Grinder

Invest in a Premium Herb Grinder

Grinding is serious business and you should have the right tool for the job.  You may not think about how much action your grinder gets, but it's one of your most used weed tools.

Tools in the cannabis industry have sure gotten fancy over the last decade.  A lot of good people have paved the way to premium smoking tools and taught us the importance of using a quality product.

When it comes to premium grinders the price point may have a little shock value but I assure you, it is worth the investment.  They will last you a real long time ... like a real real long time lol. Uncle Tyrone's had his Space Case grinder since 2003 and is still in action to this day.  Space Cases truly last forever as they are made of the best material with the traditional diamond teeth.  



Another personal favorite of ours is the Santa Cruz Shredder ... my precious... You will understand once you get one.  Backed with their lifetime warranty you can really put your grinder to the max.  Some of us has had them for over 5 years and they work as good as day 1.  Pack this thing like a hamburger and watch it crush all those big nuggets down with ease.    If your lazy on stems, the Santa Cruz can handle those no problem too.  It truly is the grinder that keeps on grinding.

Santa Cruz Shredder is engineered to perfection.  After carefully analyzing the inner working of how a proper tooth design should work, we used a special computer program called  Siemens CAD Software to invent the most  ”perfect” shredding tooth design ever conceived by man! Sharp-edged teeth are not the best approach…  Sharp-edged teeth will dull and are full of burrs & tiny flakes of aluminum – constantly falling into your smoking blend.  This is not only unhealthy, but toxic to the consumer. First, sharp edged teeth take a lot of initial torque to start turning. This initial pressure will force it to bend at the base, causing “metal fatigue” resulting in the eventual breakage of the tooth and releasing even more flakes of aluminum into your blend.

We could go on about the Santa Cruz grinder in full detail but some other cool features are their unique threading design, superior grip, T304 Micronic Precision Woven Non-Fraying Stainless Steel Screen, Neodymium Diametrically Magnetized Cylindrical Rare Earth Magnets and they all go through a ultrasonic bath before they get packaged up and sent away to find their forever home.

Another cool gadget that hit the market recently is The Otto Grinder by Banana Bros.  This isn't just your typical "spice mill" style electric grinder but really is more like a "smart machine".  

OTTO’s precision-engineered technology automatically adjusts pressure, speed, and direction based on the texture and consistency of your material. Whether your material is sticky, moist, dry or full of stems, it grinds and fills a perfect cone every time at the touch of a button. Easy and intuitive use for all experience levels.  It also comes with a funnel if your just grinding for your bowl or filling a container.

If you have been fancying the idea of a new grinder, we hope that you will consider one of these fine options.  Through all our extensive research and product testing, these grinders have really been put to the test.  Happy hooting and hope you get to enjoy your new grinder soon!

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