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Pendant Sale at Shell Shock!


 Glass pendants are a staple of the glass industry and they are often times part of a set or combo in part with a rig or bong. Though often not functional they have personality all of their own and are highly appreciated among other "wooks" and fans of glasswork but most of all appreciated by other glassblowers. A glass pendant is more like a painting than anything, beautiful just for the point of beauty and in some cases they can be worth a lot of money just cause of who held the brush.

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Shell Shock  has carried glass pendants for a long long time, Some come as combo sets with some of our handblown glass like our Dab Bomb sets  (pictured below) or our Boro Farm lemon drop rig (pictured above) but most of them are sold individually as just a fashion piece. Our website has a full list of all our pendants with included pictures and artist descriptions and i encourage you to check that out at ShellShock420.com but also stop by our west Edmonton mall location soon for our pendant sale going on right now!

dab bomb sets shell shock 420

Pictured below is some of our Ed Wolfe Shatter Pendants, Dont they look like some nice oozy cannabis concentrate? Ive personally got one of these guys and i love it to death, a simple accent that isn't too loud but stands out when you see it and if you know you instantly know. Ed Wolfe shatter pendant shell shock420

All our pendants are currently atleast 20% off and just begging for us to send them to a good home around some stoners neck, if you think you could be that stoner come check them out and see if we have one thats right for you!

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