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Nugsmashing and It's Benefits

Nugsmashing and It's Benefits

The Nugsmasher Rosin Press


So you want to learn more about Rosin and how it's made?  We've teamed up with the crew over at NugSmasher to help us break it down for you. They hail from Sunny California and manufacture their units in house with all best materials.


Why did we choose Nugsmasher?

The Nugsmasher® family of presses are purpose built machines exclusively designed for Rosin extraction. After years of researching and testing, talking with rosin connoisseurs together with our design and engineering team, they have put together an impressive set of features needed for the perfect and consistent extraction process.


What is Rosin and how do you make it?

Rosin is a solventless extraction made through the mechanical process of applying heat and pressure to “press” out the terpene and cannabinoid rich resin from cured flower, sift, kief and hash. This process occurs near instantaneously and requires virtually no professional expertise in the field of botanical extractions. The art of extracting Rosin uses heat to melt the glandular domes of the trichrome off of the base material. This resin rich sap will then reconstitute on the parchment paper, ready for collection. After scraping the parchment paper, the waxy residue collected will be clean and ready to dab.


What is Solvent-less Rosin? Solvent-less vs Solvent Based

Chances are you’ve heard of cannabis concentrates at this point. If not, you’ve definitely heard your friends talk about “dabs.” If not, you should definitely get out from that rock you’ve been under for the past decade. But let’s talk about these dabs for a minute.

The easy answer to the difference between solvent-based and solventless concentrates is simple – one requires the use of a solvent during extraction while the other does not.

While this may seem like a minor difference, it changes everything from the process to the final product. 

What solvents are being used to extract those delicious concentrates, you ask? Butane(BHO), Propane(PHO), Carbon Dioxide(CO2) and Rick Simpson Oil(RSO) to name a few. These are, by no means, healthy compounds to be inhaling and or ingesting, which is  why the solvent-based method includes a necessary purging process to remove solvents. 

The solvent-free method requires no solvent or purging process. To extract a cannabis concentrate known as rosin, it requires nothing more than heat and pressure.



At Shell Shock we currently have 2 models in store but have access to the full NugSmasher line depending on what your needs are.  

The Original NugSmasher® Rosin Extraction System features 12 Tons of manually controlled pressure, 4 x 4 inch heated extraction plates with and the ability to extract up-to 14g at one time. 

Where the NugSmasher XP Rosin Extraction System has 4x6 plates so you can extract up to 28g. That's double the amount as the original and coupled with a lifetime warranty.

  • Made out of Solid Structural Steel
  • Large 4" x 4"/ 4" x 6" Smash Plates
  • Dual Heating Elements (160W ea)
  • Accurate Temperature Control
  • Circuit Protection
  • Fast Retract Plate Release
  • Manual Pump Arm
  • Made in America
  • Guaranteed for Life

  Making your own concentrates has never been easier than this.  Nugsmasher also has a great youtube channel chalked full of great information and shows you the kind of things you can do with your press and finished product.

  Be sure to drop by or visit our website and check out all things NugSmasher.  We have them ready to go in-store and have them bundled with everything you need to get started.  We also carry a assortment of rosin accessories such as rosin bags, parchment sheets and containers to name a few. Start making your own concentrates the safest and quickest way out there.

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Nugsmashing and It's Benefits