Bake your weed and eat it too

So you're curious about making or trying some edibles?  You've come to right place!  There are lots of benefits to making your own edibles such as type of strain, the strength, any dietary or allergy restrictions and knowing exactly what you are ingesting.

Did you know there is so much more you can do with your weed besides smoking it?  There are many different ways to infuse it into your everyday lifestyle or make some good old fashion yummy treats like cookies, brownies and candy.  You can also get really creative and make yourself some salves, face masks, or bath bombs for a more topical treatment.

At Shell Shock we have all kinds of infusion and edible making supplies to make life easier.  You will look like a edible's making professional before you know it.  With amazing machines like the Magical Butter 2E or the Levo 2 it's literally a one touch operation.  These are up and coming in the cannabis industry as they were featured in Forbes magazine.  These infusion machines are designed to be fail proof so it's pretty hard to mess it up.  It's more of a set it and forget it kind of mentality.  For the average baker the Levo 2 does everything you need for small batch infusions.  With it's very own built in decarb cycle and easy touch dispense you can't ask for anything more simple then that.  It even notifies you with an alarm and an app on your phone when your infusion is all ready for you to use.  It is definitely countertop worthy.  If all this infusing is not for you the simplest way is to just decarb your weed and sprinkle it on your food and eat it as is.  It doesn't taste the best but will get the job done.  Decarbing can be done various ways from water baths, to the oven but the simplest and most efficient way is with the Nova Decarb Machine.

Infuse Your Cannabis Today

If you are new to making things in the kitchen we also got you covered with some great books.

Bong Appetit is a great book that thoroughly goes through everything from strains, how to infuse with everyday things you have at home and not to mention the bomb recipes that are from the tv show Bong Appetit.  They have everything covered from drinks to appetizers, main courses, desserts and everything in between.  It is essentially the ultimate book for any stoner that loves food.

Cooking with Herb is also another really jammin' book.  Rocking tonnes of rasta vibrations as it is written by Bob Marley's daughter, Cedella Marley.  Because food is only one aspect of Cedella’s wellness routine, she also highlights the other ways she uses cannabis, sharing recipes for homemade beauty scrubs and hair treatments—even tips readers can use to elevate their yoga and meditation practices. Filled with practical information, beautiful photography, and Cedella’s personal stories about growing up with her famous father, Cooking with Herb will teach readers to use and enjoy cannabis in a manner that’s enlightened, respectful, and responsible.It includes a few of her favorite recipes, where she learned how to cook and more.

Infuse Your Cannabis Today

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