Lockdown Toking in 2020

Lockdown Toking in 2020

With a little more time on our hands lately I have been filling with it with one of my favorite hobbies and loves...the sweet Mary Jane. 2020 has me tweaking and changing the ways I have been toking. To be honest, rolling with change was daunting at first, but now I’m finding my lockdown grove and enjoying it.


I noticed I’m enjoying cannabis less with others, and more by myself in the house. Within in the confines of my four little walls, I find my haze getting thicker and my smell more evident. To combat this out of control smell, I have implemented the smoke odor candle and smoke buddy approach. The strawberry kiwi smoke odor candle neutralizes the smoke and smells delish! Combined with blowing my big hoots into my smoke buddy, I find the neighbours aren’t complaining any more, success!!


picture by @iamphree on Instagram

People may be concerned with the lack of toilet paper; but I’m more concerned about a lack of weed, lol. So I’ve been stockpiling! Using my C-vaults and Crypt containers, has kept my stockpile smelling delish and not dehydrated. With the addition of my RH Stayfresh packs… my buds have stored sooo well. There won’t be any moldy or dry, crumbly weed in my covid stash. Also, did you know that C-Vault makes a 21L Vault for serious stockpiling?  That is insanity and hope that one day I will grow enough to fill a big container like that.





On the rare occasions I get to toke with my chosen cohorts, a must have is a PRD. Only, no hoot, hoot passes, anymore... It’s a no sharing kind of vibe lately. But this stoner still likes to share ... So, I have been pre-rolling using my Zen roll box and Glue Gar Stix. The roll box knocks out a bunch of personal pre-rolls in no time. And using my Glue Gar Stix, saves me licking all my friend’s doobies. Doing my part to help stop the spread, while still enjoying socially distanced friendship hoots. #winning

Lack of concerts, parties and trade shows has me looking for ways to fill up my time with activities. So, I’m going to load up my brain with some extra cannabis knowledge. Armed with The Cannabis Breeder Bible, I have started down a hole of learning and preparing myself to grow my legal plants. Dreams of growing and smoking my own stash have filled my thoughts as I continue to dive into growing and genetics. Depending how long this lockdown continues, I might come out of this a Dr. Kronic myself!



Although times are different right now, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the things we love. I encourage you to, learn, experiment, product test and enjoy the process of finding new ways to navigate these new changes. Stoners have always been a creative and resilient bunch. From making pipes from apples, to using our shake to make cookies, we create, adapt and bloom!

Here's to Mary Jane! Stay positive and keep blazin’.

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