Humidity Storage and Preserving Terps with your Friend Shawn

Humidity Storage and Preserving Terps with your Friend Shawn

Best Stashes for Storing Your Weed


Cannabis has come a long way in the recent decades, just ask your mom or dad and they'll tell you that the weed of their day was nothing like we are used to today. This comes from selective breeding and precisely chosen cultivars to produce fantastic flower colours, structures and most importantly flavours previously unknown or under looked by our ancestors palettes. While I think we all agree that a bag of good herb can be expensive, that's exactly the reason why it's important to consider preserving those structures and flavours and prolong your full enjoyment of the product. Oh also to all you dab lovers out there this goes for concentrate too! 



Proper storage of your cannabis is not difficult in fact it's really simple and depending on your sources the use of reusable glass jars for example would totally relinquish the need for any disposable plastic bags! And for home growers I recommend saving all your pickle jars, instead of sending them to the recycling centers we can start reusing them ourselves. Maybe you don’t want to put your dankest buds in a jar with a lingering pickle odor. I mean I get that and in that case we at Shell Shock have so many better options for you and I can guarantee you that each one beats the pickle jar. In fact you know what I, your friend Shawn will walk you through some of my favourite storage options.


First and foremost we have the Crypt Humidor Stash

The crypt humidors come in 5 sizes based on your storage needs. You can go from an Extra Small(600ml), Small(950ml), Medium(1.25l), Large(1.5l) to an extra large(2l). Made out of surgical grade stainless steel with a sturdy impact resistant lid and clasp for fast, easy and reliable sealing.

With a 100% BPA free elastic ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) compound seal to lock in freshness and more importantly the flavour. Built in hygrometer (an instrument used to measure the amount of water vapor in air, in soil, or in confined spaces) and thermostat allows you to monitor and modify accordingly to maintain perfect humidity and temperature. Also includes a carousel of slots designed for your humidity packs and a soft carrying pouch for when you're transporting your stash.


Another great option is Tight Vacs Storage Jars

 These are a fantastic option for any level of smoker, whether you're just getting yourself acquainted with cannabis or you've been smoking for years, Tight Vac Storage Jars are not only an economic option but high quality too! Being made out of 100% food grade BPA free plastic Tight Vacs are durable and highly reusable for years to come. Always aesthetically pleasing coming in a myriad of sizes and colours including many of them being opaque adding uv protection for your favourite herbs. Last but not least the very best detail is the push button activated vacuum seal locking in the freshness like no other jar I've ever seen.


Who could forget the C-Vault

The C-vault has cemented itself as the industry standard for cannabis storage both on a personal and commercial scale. Truly a stand alone product line not only being made out of 304 food grade stainless steel but with the high quality BPA free silicone gasket the craftsmanship is incomparable. C-vault has always been innovative and they were the first if not one of the first to include a harness or slot specifically designated for humidity packages to save you space for your herb! The wide mouth also allows you to easily access your product as well as allowing growers to trim product directly into the storage container saving on cleanup.


A slightly more personalized option would be 420 Science Jars

Mason jars, the aforementioned pickle jars or 420 science jars? Not all glass is made equal, most commercial brands including mason and ball canning brands use pyrex glass. 420 science utilizes borosilicate glass which is the same type of slightly more solid glass we use for pipes, bongs and lab glass. Not only boasting a stronger type of glass than most they also have a higher heat and cold resistance making them great for curing concentrates in. They also have a line of UV protective jars including the concentrate jars which are short with a wide opening to allow you to easily scoop your product out without loss on the sides. Last but not least they're covered in cute designs so you'll never mix up your jar with your buddies which is a trait not to be overlooked. An honorable mention goes out to their design team as they even make a bong featuring their quality push top jar set inside it.


In the interest of portability Chrontainers

A personal favourite and in my opinion a must have for road trips and travel plans where your bong just isn't an option. The Chrontainers are ergonomic lightweight but outstandingly durable even including a silicone ring making them totally airtight and watertight. This kind of sealing power is a feature lots of portable storage containers and pre roll tubes overlook. Included upon sale is a small lanyard to help you keep track of your chrontainer and help ensure you've got some pre rolls ready for you at all times.


While on that note let's talk Medtainers


Another instant industry staple are the Medtainers. Patented in 2012 the Medtainer has held its place in the industry as the go-to travel grinder, herb storage and pouring apparatus through its fantastic versatility and economic price point. The straightforward and easy to use design consists of the base, grinder/inner body and lid. The inner body can store your favourite herb while you can easily empty your chosen amount into the base, re-inserting the inner tube will bring the teeth together and a simple twist will begin the grinding process. Coming in a vast variety of colours and designs even going so far as to have customizable options for your very own personalized Medtainer.


Every good jar needs a good humidity pack RH Stay Fresh has what you need!

I always recommend humidity regulators RH Stay Fresh. They aren't just to humidify your product but to regulate it and maintain a preferred 62% humidity ideal for both curing and storage. There are many ways and many products specifically designed for simple re-moisturization such as the Raw Hydrostone or the Zeppelin Blimpifier but sometimes these can over hydrate and even harm your product if left too long. For this reason I always recommend the Rh Stay Fresh packs unless your product is so dry you really need a big moisture boost. Maintaining a proper storage environment consisting of proper humidity and temperature is important for prolonging the life and quality of your cannabis but curing is even more important. Some say the process of curing begins as soon as you begin drying your plants but for the sake of this article our curing process is more so after it reaches our jar but before it has had a chance to develop the profound flavour potential you expect upon consumption. To cure your product effectively most recommend a well sealed container with a humidity regulator inside with frequent, usually daily “burping”,  process to allow for fresh air exchange making it possible for your product to breath and not develop a musty or chlorophyll rich smell and flavour. I promise you these simple little products make all the difference in your product and once you experience it for yourself you'll never go back.



For you dabbers I highly recommend Anything glass

While you'll surely see silicone containers on every counter in every headshop marketed as concentrate storage and while that is fine for transport or as a work space, glass is still where it's at and I'm here to tell you why. First and foremost silicone is porous and thus it does breath, by this i mean that you've got excess moisture and oxygen entering your concentrate and as your concentrate oxidizes just like metal does it breaks down some of its chemical compounds into lesser forms. You'll be losing terpenes which we all know is where those flavours come from. A major part of the experience that comes with concentrates are those flavours so you don't want them just oxidizing and degrading themselves. To preserve the flavour, colour and smell of that delicious sauce or beautiful live rosin you've invested a portion of your paycheck into, I recommend an airtight glass jar that you can keep in the fridge or freezer. ideally not going below -5F or -20C but just over that. Now while most BHO or CO2 derivatives are fairly stable at room temp it's the higher grade solvent less products your likely to see the largest changes in but that doesn't mean proper storage isn't necessary for your BHO, all concentrate should at least be kept cool to prolong its shelf life and enjoyability.

As you can probably tell by this point there are lots of options on how to store your flower and they all work great. You just have to narrow down which one you'd prefer. Personally I've got a great mix of them all and that works really well for me as I can mix and match my product to the jar depending on how I'd like to keep it. And on the concentrate side of things I've got a table top mini fridge that keeps my concentrate fresh and flavorful till it hits my lungs. Now It may not be necessary to have a ton of high end storage jars or a mini fridge dedicated just to cannabis but I’m telling you it makes a difference so profound you'll never be able to go back. We're happy to help you, furthermore we carry all the tools you'll need at or in store. Stop any of our three locations during the month of September to enter our Keep it Fresh raffle! You could win a Crypt stash container and Rh Stay Fresh humidity packs. Show your product some love and I promise you it'll show you its potential and just what you're missing. 


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