How New Experiences Are Like a Fresh Bowl & How I Spent My Summer Vacation

How New Experiences Are Like a Fresh Bowl & How I Spent My Summer Vacation

You know that feeling. You just got a brand new strain you've never tried. You smell through the bag, it's earthy notes making it's way through the plastic because your dealer refuses to spring for the smelly proof bags. You open the bag and the sharper notes of citrus escape. You pull out your fanciest bong, and fill it with fresh cold water. Select a perfectly sized nugget, and take a moment to appreciate the trichrome laden glittery beauty before popping it in your grinder. Finally, you have a fresh bowl packed and with clipper in hand, you take your first step into the unknown.

That uncertainty isn't exclusive to a new strain of course. But the way we react to a new situation is often more apprehensive than the way we approach a new strain. If you can go into a new situation with the same optimism you apply to your smoking life, you'll get more out of it.
This month we made our own fresh bowl of life by trying some new experiences. We were exhibitors at K Days for the first time ever, and it was awesome, like a Tangie Dream. You all were so amazingly supportive in coming out, and we had a blast sharing mystery boxes with new friends. Tyrone even got to meet his childhood idols! I think K Days was celebrating our first show by getting Ice Cube and Lil Jon to come perform. Okay, maybe it wasn't JUST for us, but we sure enjoyed them both.
Then we teamed up with Crash Hotel to present Weed Trivia, another big first. We were blown away by everyone's enthusiasm. To everyone asking when the next one is, I promise we'll keep you posted! Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get all the latest info on all our new events.
We came; we smoked; we conquered. I encourage you to do the same. There are still a few weeks of summer, so go carpe all the diems! Live the good life and smoke the good weed friends.

-Mary Jane

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