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Focus Carta Vape New product SHell Shock Edmonton Canada
Summer is almost over, but not to fret, there are always new things arriving at Shell Shock    We have put together a list of some of the new and cool products that have arrived in the last few months that you just must check out and see if they are worthy for your cannabis accessories collection
Ardent Nova Infusion Sleeve Shell Shock Edmonton Canada
The secret to easy infusion is the NOVA Sleeve. It’s a simple addition to the NOVA, and it adds a powerful new capability to prepare infused butters and oils at home. No longer are you limited to edibles that you can buy in a dispensary. No longer do you have to guesstimate the proper dosage of your cannabis for homemade tinctures, capsules or tonics.
Caligar Cannagar Rolling Machine Shell Shock Edmonton Canada
A nice tool for making your own Cannagars at home.  You've seen all the instagram pictures, or maybe you have been lucky enough to smoke one of these beauties, now you can make your own.  2 sizes to choose from.  Start smoking your Cannagar today
Glue Gar Joint Rolling Glue
Stop smoking your spit.  With Glue gar you can now stick all your joints and blunts without having to lick the paper.  
Triton T3 rechargeable scale
The My Weigh Triton T3R is the toughest digital scale on the market and the best-selling compact scale model. They’ve upgraded the T3 with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that holds 40 hours of continuous use when fully charged (micro USB cable included.)
The T3R’s unique design features a fully padded outer rubber case and shock mounted internal components with extra reinforcement to provide accurate measurements as long as the lifetime 30-year warranty. The hard protective cover is great for keeping your scale safe when you aren’t using it, and it doubles as a extra weighing tray on top of the stainless steel tray. The My Weigh Triton T3R tray is designed with slightly larger surface area and raised edges for stability.
Carta Erig vape Shell SHock Edmonton Canada
The Carta Vape Rig from Focus V Products offers the power and reliability of a desktop vaporizer with true on-the-go portability and stylish and modern features like bluetooth functionality. With an ergonomic design, this 2-in-1 device will be sure to enhance your vaping experience. 
This high-performance rig uses removable, rechargeable batteries to make it one of the best portable vaporizer models on the market. You still have the option of USB charging, but even if you’re nowhere near a charging point, the batteries keep you covered. You could take the Carta Vape Rig into the heart of the Amazon rainforest and still vape to your heart’s content.
King palm Wrap Shell Shock Edmonton Canada
King Palm natural leaf rolls are individually handmade. Our leaves are very slow burning, and allow you to achieve a tight pack for a full flavor smoke. These leaves are from the flowering tree of the Cordia (Borage) Family grown on our collective of farms across Southeast Asia. Not only are King Palm leaf rolls sustainable, they are creating thousands of jobs where they are nurtured, grown, and produced. Natural for this product means these leaves were not grown with toxic fertilizers, and were not artificially flavoured. 
J Grinder Herb Shell Shock Edmonton Canada
One of the newest grinders on the market and from Edmonton these are the next thing in grinders. Refined on the outside and a beast on the inside! Design and manufactured in Canada, J GRINDERS’ are made from aerospace grade 6061 Aluminum and are fully anodized. No pot metal here! Spit out your mouth guard cause’ there are no teeth to break!! The (Patent Pending) S.R.G.T. (Serrated Rotary Grinding Tool) design provides a top-down grind, rather than a side to side grind like most grinders on the market. This reduces the initial torque when grinding tricky herb and provides a super fluffy product. The lids have more meat than a Brazilian Steak House so there’s something to hold on to, and along with our sleek “comfort grip” you’ll be grinding with ease! These beefy lids are secured with the highest strength N52 rare earth magnets to provide extreme closing capabilities and to avoid spillage. The J Grinder rides on a food grade PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) thrust ring to ensure smooth operation and to eliminate wear between halves. So now that you have the details time to upgrade to a J Grinder



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