Devices for Cartridge Smoking

Devices for Cartridge Smoking

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Hey Stoners! Mary Jane here, back at ya with another blog! Wanna know how to smoke your weed… secretly? It’s no secret, cartridge vapes are the way to go. Shatter cartridges are a tasty, scent-free way to get high without anyone knowing! Vaporizing is a lot healthier on the lungs, and concentrates are a way to get stoned in a much shorter amount of time. Need a quick puff break during work, but can’t be seen smoking up? Hiding a stinky secret from your parents? We don’t judge, and neither do our discrete looking cartridge vaporizers. 

I’ve curated an in-depth list of some of my favourite cartridge vapes that are affordable, customizable, and extravagant! Follow my guide, friends, to a shatter filled future. (please click on product for all current pricing)

Don’t know where to get your cartridges? Not to worry, my ShellTalk (like a TedTalk.. Get it?) on making your own cartridges will be out soon! 

Exxus Slim VV($)

The Exxus Slim is a basic model battery with a 510 threading to attach your cartridge. The Slim has a 380mAh battery and variable voltage between 2.6v-4v. It features a 10 second heat up time, 510 thread charging, and push-button firing. A great option at a great price. $18.50

Exxus Slim VV Cartridge Vape Vaporizer Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

Exxus Plus VV ($)

The Exxus Plus VV is an upgrade to the slim, featuring micro-usb compatible charging. This feature is beneficial to help keep your battery in good condition for much longer. The Plus has a 380mAh battery, with variable voltage between 2.6v-4v. The Plus also has 10 second heat up and push-button firing. The Plus VV is an upgrade, without the huge upgrade price. $22.00

Exxus plus VV Vape Shell Shock edmonton canada

Exxus Tap VV ($)

Similar to the previous two, the Exxus Tap VV is a basic model battery with 510 threading. It has a 280mAh battery, and variable voltage between 3.3v-4.2v, for a heavier hit. It was 10 second heat up, and best of all? The Tap has no button to press, but rather features a touch sensitive fire! When you tap this device, the bottom lights up and it is ready to go! A cool party trick, and an inexpensive smoking option. $24.00

Exxus Tap VV Cartridge Vape Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

C-Cell Palm ($$)

C-cell has created a fantastic cartridge smoking device, especially for the price! With a 550mAh battery, the Palm can sustain over 250+ puffs per charge. No heat adjustment, but this device is an auto-draw. The Palm is a micro usb-charging device with a 510 threading and a magnetic connection. The Palm comes with adapters for different cartridge sizes, making this device convenient and adjustable! $47.00

ccell Palm Vape Cartridge Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

C-Cell Silo ($$)

Similar to the Palm in function, but a different physical design. The Palm has a 500mAh battery, auto-draw capability, and is micro-usb rechargeable. Palm has 510 threading with a magnetic connection, and adapters for changing cartridge size. $47.00

ccell silo vaporizer cartridges shell shock edmonton canada


Wulf Uni ($$)

The Wulf Uni is a highly customizable device that comes in many different colour patterns. The Uni has a 650mAh battery, giving it a very long battery life. There are 3 heat settings possible with a preheat function. 510 threading with magnetic connection, and micro-usb charging. Additionally, the Uni has a level window to see how much is left in your cartridge. The Wulf Uni’s top selling point? You can charge it and use it at the same time! $50.00

Wulf Uni cartridge vape shell shock edmonton canada

Exxus MiCare ($$)

This tiny handheld device is a cross collaboration with Exxus and Smok! This device has a considerable longer battery life opposed to the ones previously listed, with a 700mAh battery. MiCare has preheat functionability, 4 different heat settings, and 510 threading. As well as that, the Exxus MiCare has haptic feedback, comes with a lanyard, and comes in a large variety of colour options. $44.99

Exxus Micare shell shock edmonton canada Vape Cartridge

Exxus Snap ($$$)

A lightweight option with a heavy hit! The Exxus Snap has 4 heat settings, magnetic connectors and 510 threading. With the lithium ion battery, the usage time on this bad boy is incredibly long. Simple USB charging, and comes in a bunch of cool designs (and the gold one? Made for royalty). $60.00

Exxus Snap Cartridge Vape Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

Exxus Push ($$$)

This device is my absolute favourite cartridge smoking option, and definitely the one I use most frequently. This device has a lever to push up the cartridge, or store it inside the device itself when not in use. This is awesome for the clumsy stoner, who’s worried about cracking their cartridge! The Exxus Push has magnetic connectors, cartridge size adaptors, preheat capability, 4 different heat settings, and the CHARGER IS BUILT IN! Simply pull out the usb at the bottom of the device and plug it in! The battery in this device is a killer high rate lithium ion battery, meaning it has a fantastic battery life. The Push comes in a bunch of different colour options, and even comes with a lanyard. $65.00

Exxus Push Cartridge Vape Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

Wulf Duo ($$$)

This device is great for many different uses! The Wulf Duo is a cartridge vaporizer that also has coil attachments for direct shatter vaporizing. It features preheat capabilities, 4 different heat settings, and a 1000 mAh battery. Regular usb charging, and comes in a few different colour options! $75.00

Wulf Duo Cartridge Vape Shell Shock Edmonton Canada



Well that's a few of them, and believe me there will be more, or updates of the current ones.  Drop by and check them out at any of our Blazin locations, or feel free to call or email us.  Getting the correct vape might seem like a difficult task but the folks at Shell Shock are here to help you

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