Celebrate 710 in Style with Yo Dabba Dabba and Shell Shock

Celebrate 710 in Style with Yo Dabba Dabba and Shell Shock

Ready to celebrate 710 in style? Head over to Shell Shock to upgrade your dab setup and enter to win a prize from Yo Dabba Dabba that covers every tool you’ll ever need. Anyone who purchases a Yo Dabba Dabba product from the shop can enter to win. 
The winner will receive a rig, a Cyclone Set that includes a quartz flat top, two terp pearls, and a cyclone carb cap, a reverse tweezer, and an opaque insert. This bundle represents some of the most popular dabbing accessories out there. Sure, you can get the job done with a rig, banger, and carb cap--but adding extras like terp pearls or an insert can really help refine your technique and get the most out of your concentrates. 
Terp pearls bring a bunch of benefits to your dab sesh: they help retain heat, evenly distribute concentrates across the bucket, and look cool doing it. Inserts keep your nail clean, hold on to heat, and are really forgiving if you get your heat up and cool down times wrong by allowing cold start dabs. 

Interested in learning more about methods like cold start dabs with an insert? Or, a demo on the Cyclone Set? Yo Dabba Dabba is putting out video tutorials weekly to make sure everyone gets the most out of their tools and concentrates. If this is your first time celebrating and need help with the basics Yo Dabba Dabba’s got you with Dab University, a video series that breaks down beginner basics and information on heat techniques for all different styles of nails. Follow them on Instagram @yodabbadabbatools for helpful tips and tricks, product demonstrations, and more.

Not familiar with Yo Dabba Dabba? No problem. Shell Shock is ready to give you a solid introduction. The Arizona-based brand has been around since the beginning and was one of the first to offer titanium and ceramic dab nails to the masses. The Yo Dabba team takes market research seriously, and personally vets different product designs before adding it to the inventory. So, they’re always coming out with the latest quality styles that evolve alongside the industry.

Stop into the shop and enter to win! Happy 710 from Shell Shock and Yo Dabba. 

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