Buzzin' around with Bee Line Hemp Wick

Buzzin' around with Bee Line Hemp Wick

Use Bee Line Hemp Wick to light Your Bowls!


This month Shellshock is featuring Bee Line Hemp Wick. So what is hemp wick, and what are the benefits of using it? Trust us you will be happy with adding this to your sesh routine.


Hemp Wick is primarily used as an alternative flame source to lighters. Hemp Wick burns at a lower temperature than butane, so the flavor profiles of your smoke are more prominent & enjoyable, Bee Line lets the user explore flavor profiles that would have otherwise been lost with higher temperature flame sources. When you smoking using a lighter, you end inhaling butane, which can cause euphoria, drowsiness, narcosis, asphyxia, cardiac arrhythmia, fluctuations in blood pressure, temporary memory loss and frostbite. By lighting your smoke with Bee Line, you reduce your exposure to butane, providing a healthier and more flavourful smoke.



The process is simple.  Strike your lighter as you normally do, but before touching your flame to anything you want to smoke, transfer that fire to your Bee Line Hemp Wick.  The perfect mixture of hemp and beeswax will ignite immediately providing you with a completely organic and healthy flame.  We keep Bee Line wrapped around every one of our lighters.  Not only does it provide you with an incredibly useful tool, but it prolongs the life of your lighter 100 times over.



Bee Line Hemp Wick is the result of thousands of the years of ingenuity. From tallow poured on fibres in ancient Egypt, to the beginnings of candles in Rome,  to hippies lighting their joints with wicks in the 60s and 70s (Some say it's where the word dope originated because the cops used to refer to the dopes smoking with their rope). As lighters got cheaper and easier to use, using wicks to smoke with fell out of fashion until Bee Line incorporated in 2005 and coined the term hemp wick. Since then many imitators have emerged, but Bee Line remains the industry leaders.




Bee line is human and earth friendly. It is a natural, organic, multi-purpose product made by combining two ancient renewable resources: hemp and bees wax.  

Bee Line Hemp Wick comes in two sizes; Original Gauge 7-strand and Thick Gauge 13-strand. And two lengths; 9 ft. packs and 200 ft spools.  Also check out the Hemplight Wrappers and Toker Pokers.  Another favorite among the hemp wick community as it serves quite well as a multi tool that can keep your wick and flame close together at all times.


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