Blaze By For Our Birthday!

Blaze By For Our Birthday!

Fall is upon us and the leaves are starting to turn!  That also means that our birthday is right around the corner.  Shell Shock turns 19 this year and we want you all to blaze by if you can.  Usually we like to have a big ol' party but this year things are sure different.  

Uncle Tyrone told me that he hopes that lots of homies hoot it up in his honor this year. Whether it be a big ol' blunt, bong rips, a  3 meter Volcano balloon or one hits.  Just remember to hoot one for us!  

Here at Shell Shock we got all sorts of great gifts for any cannabis lover in your circle.  Check out these cool things that would make a great addition to their collection. Some other honorable mentions are Juicy Jay Birthday Cake Papers, 24K Gold Kush Cone and the RAW Rawket.


1. Ardent FX

For any foodie enthusiast that loves to "do it" themselves. The one machine to decarb, infuse and bake all in one.  Did we mention, it can handle upto 112 grams at a time?

2.Nugsmasher Rosin Press

Making Rosin is actually a really safe and fun process.  Check out our line of Nugsmasher Presses.  Backed by 12 tonnes of manually controlled pressure with precise pressure gauge and guaranteed for life.  Never worry about solvents again and waiting for your extracts to cure long periods of time.

 3. Volcano Hybrid

The newest member to the Storz & Bickel family.  Just like the Classic and Digital units, the Hybrid is balloon compatible.  It also has a whip attachment for when you don't feel like using the balloon.  If micro dosing is more your style, they have a filling chamber specifically for using their line of dosing capsules as well.

 4. Nerv Set

A one of a kind set made by Nerv Glass from Wesminster, California.  Featuring all the fanciest matching accessories such as flower bowl,downstem, dome, tool and dish. Adorned with several custom milli chips and not to mention those sick wig wags everywhere!   Nerv is a veteran to glass blowing and his art is very well known all over.  This is one of his earlier pieces and something any collector would be glad to have in their collection.

5. Puffco Peak w/ Sriracha Attachment

Smart rigs really make dabbing so much less intimidating.  Puffco Peak's are designed so that you don't have to worry about anything besides taking your dab.  With an all ceramic bowl and 4 temperature settings you can choose which setting to use depending on what your concentrate preferences are.  The Sriracha Attachment by Empire Glass is just so boss!  For anybody who smokes the good sauce and loves the hot sauce too.  It's the ultimate Sauce Boss gift!


6. The Crypt

The Crypt is a new brand of Cannabis storage containers to hit the market.  It is the ultimate cylinder curing & freshness storage system.  Made to protect against lights ability to strip flavor, helps maintain proper humidity for preserving freshness, prevents taste destroying oxygen from entering, a built in hygrometer and thermostat meter and so much more.  Available in 3 sizes for all your storage needs.  

7.  DaVinci IQ2

For connoisseurs who simply want the very best portable, dual-use vaporizer, DaVinci’s newest provides cooler vapor and the ultimate flavor and control.  The IQ2 empowers you to not only customize your cannabis experience through precision temperature and adjustable air flow, but also empowers you to track and report your dose per draw and per session.  Also with Davinci's 10 year warranty you can buy your vaporizer in confidence and know if anything happens to it they got you covered.

8. Mystery Boxes 104.20                                                              (categories include Bong,Pipe, Dabs, Rolling and Super Stoner)

These are super fun and made by the crew over at Shell Shock.  Fun fact, did you know our boxes are also made locally!  We also have $24.20 and $44.20 in the same categories available.  With all the different categories and price points to choose from, you don't have to fret about the small stuff.  Also, who doesn't love a good surprise!


9. Countdown Calendar

Countdown calendars are not just for kids anymore and the folks at Shell Shock have designed one for the toker in mind.  This calendar contains a whole bunch of items for the the cannabis roller in your life.  Or maybe its a treat for you, doesn't matter, there are gifts inside that everyone will love.  

May contain papers, stickers, rollers, grinders, lighters and more.  Pick one up today!


 10. Mako Pipe

Melting glass since 97' and hasn't stopped since then! Mako's pieces are truly a work of art.    We don't really see many hand pipes by him lately so to have this piece in the shop is sure a treat.  

Be sure to check out our website this month as we have all sorts of smokin' deals going on! If any of these items interest you please check our website for more details or feel free to contact us.





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