Top 7 Activities that go well with Smoking Weed

Top 7 Activities that go well with Smoking Weed

All of you tokers have been in this situation, you are high and you need something to do.  Well Fam, the folks at Shell Shock have your back and can recommend some great things to do to make your high more enjoyable. So after a trip to grab your cannabis, and a trip to to your local Shell Shock for all your toking accessories,we've got a few activities for you. Some require a bit of work, others are just simple and easy, but these are some really great activities to do after you've enjoyed a few tokes.

Escape Room

Nothing beats trying to get out of a situation while high.  The rise of all the escape rooms has given the average toker many options.  Will you get away from a psycho killer, or are you escaping the law.  Whichever you choose, an escape room is a perfect place for getting high and having a good time.  Relaxing the brain can be an asset when trying to escape these somewhat stressful situations.  So pack the bowl, hit the pen or take a rip off the bong before you head out to escape.

Going for A Walk

Nature is the perfect place to enjoy our high.  Packing a joint  in your Doob tube and taking a nice stroll gives you the opportunity to really appreciate the things in your neighborhood, or city.  In Edmonton we are lucky to have a wicked River Valley, which allows for an excellent nature walk.  So puff puff pass and check out a place you haven't been before, or visit the area where you always hang out.  Smoking a little cannabis lets you look at the these areas with a  different set of eyes.  Check out the houses, see what really is in that park, or just strap on the walking shoes and make some miles, getting high and exploring is a fun activity to do

Nature Edmonton River Valley Joint Get high SHell Shock Canada

Board Games or a puzzle

When you want to go old school, board games are a fun way to enjoy the evening with the people you like to get high with.  Think Risk is fun, try it after a few joints, and you might finally take over the world.  Maybe high finance is more your thing, Monopoly will definitely help your inner capitalist out.  Whatever you choose an evening hanging out with friends, a few joints and a board game will make you want to make this a regular thing.

Shell Shock even does a bingo for bongs night, which we have aptly named Bongo.  Nothing better than getting really high, playing bingo, and winning some bongs. Check out our events blog. Or even try regular bingo, maybe you might win some money, you lucky stoner.

If you are smoking solo, or with a significant other, a puzzle is also a great way to make the time fly.  Start with something simple and watch the time disappear.  Puzzles require some patients and focus, but the challenge is there.  Are you a start with the edges person, or do you pick an area to work on.  Whatever way you choose, a puzzle is a great way to make you stone a whole lot better.

Simple Conversation

Sometimes the simple things are the best and having a conversation with good friends is one of the best things to do when you get high. Talking while high is probably one of the main reasons why we get high in the first place. So gather your group, roll up that joint and start your engines.  Nothing is better than getting way off topic and laughing your face off with a few friends.  Hours can be spent trying to figure out the best movie, or any number of topics.

Chillin Hanging out Get high Shell SHock Edmonton Canada 

Visiting a Museum 

Going to a museum and checking out the displays is a great way to spend a weekend afternoon after indulging in a bit of cannabis. Just remember not to smoke in the museum, lol.  They are usually filled with a whole bunch of interesting displays and can be both interactive and fun to look at.  FInd out the history of your town, or find out why we are the way we are, museums give you so many opportunities to enjoy your high and learn a few things along the way. 

Going to a movie

Come on don't we all love watching a movie on the big screen. When you are high I think the movies are 10x better, and this is something everyone should experience at least once. The pictures are huge and the sound can blast you right out of there.  Also, there are snacks to help combat the munchies.  Personally I found my favourite theatre, know where to get high before, and then hit up the snack line for hydration and to stave off the munchies.  Then the best part, melt into your seat and enjoy.

Afro Audience Going to movie high SHell Shock Edmonton Canada

Local Events/ Festivals

In Edmonton we are so blessed to have so many summer festivals to experience.  Our summers are jam packed with the Fringe, Street Performers festival, Art walks, Folk Fest, K-Days, Taste of Edmonton, Heritage Days and so many more.  Get out and enjoy them, they offer so many fun experiences.  Hit that vape or pen and roll out to these outdoor fests. There are food trucks, entertainment, interaction with great people, that is what festivals are all about.  Now doing it high adds a whole new element to the experience.  Once again see all that is around you in a different way and enjoy the moment

Exploring different food places

Every city and town has some fantastic hidden gems when it comes to food, and with all the food review apps and reviews, you can easily find something you haven't tried.  I like to pick someplace I have never been to and then roll up a big phatty.  If you try picking after you get high you might end up at McDonald's due to the indecision that comes with smoking pot, lol.  By far one of the best things to do, and it will help prevent the munchie, or turn you you into a marijuana fueled eating machine. This also helps you get out and explore, which when high is a great activity.


That about wraps up our little list of fun high activities.  Don't limit yourself though, almost anything you do can be made a bit more interesting by smoking a bit of cannabis.  Stop by any Shell Shock location for the supplies you need to make you adventure run smoothly.  Blaze by soon.

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