5 ways to make the most out of your harvest

5 ways to make the most out of your harvest

Cannabis growing

When you are growing your precious crop of Cannabis you want to get all you can out of it.  Here are a few hints on how to get the most out of your crop 

Trim trays

A large screen to do your trimming on is a valuable asset to any grower. During the trimming process you can knock a lot of keif off your buds and you would be surprised just how much your losing but with a trim tray you can save all that lost material for making hash or even edible infusions. Some growers also leave trays under their drying racks to capture the usually minimal amounts that are lost during that process as well.

Trim Tray


Edible infusion

People have been cooking with cannabis for years and years but for the first time ever we have a myriad of machines that not only cut down your workload but expedite the process all together. Products like The Magic Butter Maker or the Levo are fantastic for getting the most out of a light harvest in a simple but efficient manner. Owning a home infusion machine offers you the ability to make your own cannabis infused butter, oils, tinctures and more at just the press of a button. This also allows you to accurately dose your infused goods based on your own personal preferences.

Magical Butter machineLevo Cannabis infuser


Hash bags/ Bubble bags

Bubble bags are a great way to make use of your left over trim or even some unsavory flower. Bubble bags are usually sold in sets of 3 to 5 with each set containing different micron filter bags and one would usually use at least 2 or 3 at a time. Each bag has a different screen built into the bottom and by using a few different sizes starting with the widest screen you get to filter out a few different variations of hash. The great thing about this process is the simplicity all you need is the bags some ice water and something to mix or agitate the product in the water.

Humboldt Bubble Bags Shell Shock Edmonton Canada


Rosin press

Rosin is a often very flavorful solvent less form of cannabis extraction that is not only tasty and potent but its easy to make at home! Lots of people use their hair straighteners as a crude form of rosin press but the concept is the same even in the more professional 5, 10 and 20 ton presses such as the My Press brand rosin presses, you simply place your product in between the two heated press plates and begin the pressing action which may be a lever or a crank or even a button and this of course depends on your press. Commonly people make their rosin out of regular cannabis flower, keif or hash. Making a quality cannabis concentrate has never been this easy or as readily available to the average consumer than right now so what are you waiting for get pressing!

Rosin Press with Rosin


Tasty Puff Flavouring

Tasty puff is a concentrated flavouring which can be added to any cigar, cigarette, joint, pipe tobacco, shisha, mixed into e juices, into the water of a water pipe or directly onto your cannabis. Tasty puff is great if the flavour of your cannabis isn’t exactly what you expected and could use some enhancement. It does contain alcohol so its best to let it evaporate if placed directly onto a product however it does not contain nicotine or any harmful carcinogens. Ingredients used to produce tasty puff are approved and regulated by the FDA and GRAS and is manufactured in the United States

tasty Puff flavor drops Shell Shock

Hopefully these hints will help you get that little extra out of your growing experience and let you smoke some really blazin produxt

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