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10 Simple Things to Help You Detox Your Body

How to Detox - Tips and Tricks to Cleanse Your Body and Pass a Drug Test


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Detox Pass a drug test Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

Simple Things To Quicken Detoxification.

Here are a few simple tips to help your body detox and try and ensure you pass your drug test. These things are just a good way to naturally detoxify your body before your urine drug test.  Every little bit you can do to detoxify your body will help pass that urine drug test. Everyone's body is different so keep in mind that these do work, but not as effectively on everyone

If you have time in the days leading up to your drug test, follow these simple strategies for general detoxification.

  • Eat Things That Give You Energy. However, avoid excesses of quick metabolism boosters such as coffee, sugar and Red Bull.  Especially when taken in large quantities, these will be consumed by the body quickly and lead your metabolism to ‘crash’ as soon as the sugar and caffeine runs out.  You want to keep your body metabolism at a steady, hearty pace all day long.
  • DO NOT GO ON A CRASH DIET.  When you diet your body panics because it thinks you’re starving.  Your metabolism will drop and your body will hold on to those fat cells even tighter than before.
  • Avoid unwanted toxins. These include Alcoholic Beverages, Over-the-counter Drugs, Cigarettes, other drugs And Any Unnecessary Medications.  If you take or have taken any medications, make sure you tell the people who are testing you.  If you take prescription drugs, it would be a good idea to take the prescription with you to the test. Your body treats all these things as toxins and the less you intake the more detoxing your body will be able to do
  • Consume Water Continuously, But Not All At Once. For at least (2) days prior to the day of your deadline consume a minimum of (6) 16 ounce glasses of water per day over time.  Water is a catalyst to the body’s natural detoxification process.  Drinking water will help to flush toxins out of your body, especially when combined with healthy eating and exercise habits.  Just keep some water by you and sip on it all day long.
  • Drink Real Grape, Cranberry juice or Lemon Water/tea. Drink the real stuff not any of the cocktail as they contain alot of sugar.  These drinks have antioxidants which help detox the liver and help your body detox faster and better.
  • Eat lots of Fibre.  Cannabis is also removed through our poop.  Eating food high in fibre will help move this through your system. This includes beans, berries, potatoes, broccoli and others.  Here is a list.  make sure to continue drinking lots of fluid to help move the fibre through your system
  • Get some good sleep.  Your body detox's the most when it is sleeping.  So the more sleep you get the better you body is able to rid itself of toxins
  • Exercise The Week Leading To Your Deadline.  Aerobic exercise raises your metabolism which assists greatly in the detoxification process.  Exercise every day until 48 hours before your hair, saliva, blood or urine drug test.  To burn the metabolite-containing fat cells, exercise regularly every day (twice a day for 30 to 60 minutes if possible).  Be active. Climb the stairs at work.  Walk the dogs for an extra hour.  Stand at your desk.  Walk to the corner store instead of driving.  Do whatever it takes to burn the fat and boost your metabolism – but DO NOT DIET.  However the day or 2 before your test cut back on the exercise.
  • Get some B complex or B vitamin This will help color your urine.  As you have been drinking lots of water, you do not want to pee clear.  B complex makes you urine look normal after you have been drinking lots of water 
  • Lower Free Radicals in your body.  Free radicals are highly reactive and unstable molecules that are produced in the body naturally as a byproduct of metabolism (oxidation), or by exposure to toxins in the environment such as tobacco smoke, pollution and ultraviolet light.  Lifestyle measures to reduce exposure include not smoking, avoiding processed foods, practicing caution with any chemicals you work with at home or on the job, and more. Also experts in nutrition will often recommend eating a "rainbow of foods" with different color foods often containing different classes of antioxidants.                                                                                                                           Buy detox to pass your drug test

These were a few hints to help boost your detox rates. Please remember all people are different and what might work for one person might not work for another.  These are some good tips to help increase you bodies natural detoxing, so good luck and keep it up.  You and your body will feel better all around 

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