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Choosing a Detox to Pass Your Drug Test

How to Pass a Drug Test: Which Detox Kit is Right for You?


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How to pass a Drug test effectively is one of the most heard questions at Shell Shock. The most difficult decision is trying to pick the right detox for you. There usually isn't one easy answer so we try to give you a few choices when it comes time to take your drug test. Essentially,  the choice is really up to you, the user and with a little bit of info we can slot you into the best detox for your test. Basically there are 5 types of detox that you can use to beat your drug test, Masking Drink, Full detox (5-10 days), Oral and Hair, Synthetic urine, Urine test kits and Precleanse

Lets take a look at each one.

Urine test kits - These are different litmus test drug testing kits that can give you an idea where you are at according to certain test standards.  Tests come in single panel or multi-panel (where they test several levels or different drugs) So depending on what you need to test for there are different test. For THC, Shell Shock has 15ng, 20ng, 50ng and a multi panel THC tester.  Most pre access job tests will test for 50ng.  However some can test as low as 15ng.  For cocaine the standard is 150ng.

Precleanse - this is a product that you would use a few days before to help pass your test.  These pills help lower your toxin levels and help your body detox faster.  They are a good add-on to a masking drink or if you have the time with a 5-7 day cleaner.  Usually have about 1-2 days worth of pills. If you have the time and want a little extra detox, precleanse pills would be a good add on for your detox. It is recommended that you complete these 2 days before you test so that your body can come back to normal and not be detoxing when you test

Detoxify Precleanse detox pills Shell Shock Edmonton Alberta Canada

5-10 Day cleanser- These are actual detox kits.  These kits are trying to cleanse the toxins from your body.  If you have the time these are usually the best choice to help pass your test as you are not just masking the toxins in your body.  These always lower the toxin in your body, however we recommend that you get a self tester, to confirm it has removed your toxins to a point you can pass your drug test

Strip 7 day detox kit Shell Shock Edmonton Canada Pass your drug test

Masking Drinks/pillsThe most common detox product sold.  These by far are the most common product used to help pass your drug test. These are drinks that work for a set amount of time, and then your body breaks them down and you are dirty again.  They work by forcing the toxins into your urine, you pee a few times and have a window where you can pee clean.  These contain creatine to block your system.  Work about 80-90% of the time, however each person's body is different and there is no way to know how effective they can be until you use them.  Body mass is a big factor and how much you smoke.  With that being said there is a very good success rate with these products.  For best result it is recommended that you take 72hrs to be clean and take the drink about 2-3 hours before your test.  You pee a few times and then can take your drug test. Also if you need to eat it is recommended you eat 2 hrs before taking the masking product, and if possible take an antacid (Tums / Rolaids) to disperse your stomach acids

Detox Drinks Detoxify Shell Shock Edmonton Alberta Canada

Oral and Hair There really isn't much choice in this area, which makes it easy to choose if you are being given a mouth swab or hair test.  These are pretty simple to use, mouthwash you take before your test and they have a limited duration of effectiveness. Also try to avoid toxins for as long as possible, as you body will break them down and release thru your saliva.  Always good to check out the product and know how much time you have.  The shampoo is also easy to use, just wash and rinse.  Once again find out how long they are effective.

How to Pass a Drug test  Shampoo mouthwash Shell Shock Edmonton Canada Detox

Synthetic Urine/ Pee KitsUsing lab quality synthetic urine you need to get the urine to the correct temperature, and go to your test.  Or if you have a person to share their urine, there are empty kits to fill for your test. These come with temperature strips on the bottle/belts to help you know the temp, and all you have to do is fill up the cup.  However some labs are wise to these and you need to be careful getting it in and not getting caught.  So while these kits are good, you have to be on your game. These kits have been very successful for Shell Shock customers. These are also really good when you have very little time to detox, as you just need to get them up to temperature and use. 

There is also a fill yourself option.  These kits come empty and you can fill them with synthetic urine or find your some clean urine on your own.  These work great as fill your own option, and you just need to make sure the temperature is correct. They come with heating pads to maintain temperature. So if you want to take care of your own pee kit, we have an option for you.

Whizz Kit Synthetic urine Drug Test Shell Shock Edmonton Canada ALS Clean Kit refillable urine kit Pass a drug test Shell Shock Edmonton Canada


When it comes down to passing your drug test, the more time you have the better. There is no magic pill to pass your drug test, or we would have heard about it by now. Detox drinks, fake pee, detox cleansers, there are a lot of choices out there, and we understand it can be a bit overwhelming. Shell Shock is there to help you pick the best detox system for you.  With our 19 yrs of experience we have seen a lot and really want you to pass your test, so that we can get you toking again. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@shellshock420.com or call or come by any of our 3 locations for detox information.


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