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Yocan Cylo Dab Pen Vaporizer

Powerful Portable Battery

The Yocan Cylo Vaporizer is equipped with a powerful 1,400 milliampere (mAh) battery that offers more than enough power to last you a day of dabbing. With that much battery capacity, the Yocan Cylo Vaporizer will be able to satisfy the needs not only of occasional users but also heavy vapers who rely on their medication to help them feel better. On that note, it is important to remember that the Yocan Cylo Vaporizer is a device for both the light consumer, who takes a puff from their vaporizer every noe and then; and the constant vaper, who wants to reap the benefits of their select wax concentrates whenever they need it, wherever they may be.

Having said that, the Yocan Cylo Vaporizer not only boasts battery longevity but also the reliability needed by both recreational consumers and medicating patients. It’s the portable vape you need, especially if you’re a wax concentrate enthusiast.

On top of having a dependable battery pack, the Yocan Cylo Vaporizer also uses the latest in battery charging. The device is fitted with type-C USB charging technology, which is obviously faster than micro-USB. Further, it allows for safer power transfer and ensures that the battery will not get damaged by inconsistent energy delivery.
You’re sure to get the best battery and charging technology when you purchase the Yocan Cylo Vaporizer.

Precision Dabbing

Those who have used a wax vaporizer — be it a portable wax vape, a desktop rig, or an electronic rig (aka e-rig) — will know that temperature and precision is key to getting the best session. Heating it a bit cooler or a bit warmer that necessary will let you miss on a wide variety of active ingredients, which range from the flavonoids that give the extracts their natural fruity flavor or the potent psychedelics that melt your face once you inhale it. Regardless of your aim in dabbing, no one can deny that having a precise vaporizer will help you get the most out of every puff.

The Yocan Cylo Vaporizer is outfitted with a precision temperature setting, which range from 2.0 volts to 4.2 volts. This means that its owners will have a wide temperature profile to choose from, whether it’s cooling down after a tiring session at the gym, or if its freeing your mind and entering a realm you never knew existed. The Yocan Cylo Vaporizer has the right temperature setting for you.

Likewise, the voltage levels of the Yocan Cylo Vaporizer also ensures that one can personalize the vapor production of the device and alter it to their preference. A lower temperature level will produce flavorful, thin wisps of clouds. Meanwhile, a higher temperature setting ensures more potent plumes with viscous and thick vapors.

The temperature setting can be adjusted using the “+” and “-” button on the device.

The placement and operation of the said controls are pretty simple and straightforward.

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