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Yo Dabba Banger Trough 14 F 90

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Yo Dabba Trough Banger

Looking for a big bucketed nail? Check out the surface area on the Yo Dabba Dabba Quartz Trough. Originally designed by Joel Halen, this domeless nail comes with a 14mm MALE connection and features a fire-polished joint. Pair with a Quartz Trough Carb Cap for the biggest, smoothest, tastiest dabs possible.

When Joel Halen designed the trough-style nail, he revolutionized the world of dabs. Offering more surface area than any other nail on the market, the open dozer-scoop bucket on the trough allows for even volatilization of concentrates, minimizing reclaim build-up and waste.

Buy the quartz trough today and pig out with the rig out!