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Yo Dabba Carb Cap

Yo Dabba Carb Cap


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Yo Dabba Carb Caps

When it comes to the ultimate dabbing experience, carb caps are the icing on the cake. This tool works with your nail like a lid on a pot. It traps and retains heat, modifies airflow, and improves convection at lower temperatures.


Yo Dabba Bubble Trap Cap: If you’re shopping for an accessory that will bring some color and style to your setup, your search is over. The Bubble Trap Caps are made from high-quality borosilicate glass and vivid American colors. The unique bubbled appearance is achieved with an advanced glass blowing technique that purposefully traps bubbles to create spiral designs. The caps round body helps to create a tight seal between the cap and banger that promotes quick vaporization. The smooth and perfectly-sized handle makes rotating the cap to manipulate airflow super easy, and the hollow spout that reaches into the bucket moves air to ultimately swirl the concentrates for ultimate consumption at the lowest possible temperature.

Yo Dabba Bulb Carb Cap: Christmas Light shaped carb caps.

Yo Dabba Cyclone Carb Cap: This riptide-inspired Quartz Cyclone Carb Cap won’t leave you winded. In fact, it'll have you spinning right round, baby, right round with its unique, handcrafted rotating design. Eliminating the need for you to chase concentrates, this 100% Quartz Cyclone Carb Cap does the job for you. Simply place around the nail and watch as a vortex of air cools and purifies the vapors coming off your herbal extracts. Fitting both 25mm and 30mm Flat Top Bangers, this thick quartz piece is durable and has excellent heat retention, meaning it won't fail to put the wind in your sails towards more powerful, flavorsome hits. And to further improve those hits, we highly recommend combining this whirling dervish of a carb cap with some Yo Dabba Dabba Terp Pearls. Not only will they look amazing swirling around your dabs as you vape, but their added surface area will also extend optimal dabbing temperatures, helping you get the most out of your concentrates while puffing for longer.

Yo Dabba Directional Airflow Carb Cap: An out-and-out workhorse, the FDA-grade Quartz DAF Carb Cap from Yo Dabba Dabba has been specially designed to pair with bangers, troughs and sumo nails for an elite dabbing experience. With their portholes on top, angled bottom tips and longer-than-usual handles (which makes directing airflow a breeze), Yo Dabba's binky-inspired DAF caps will make you feel like a kid at Christmas; giddy with excitement at being able to benefit from a complete cannabinoid and terpene profile for strong, flavorsome draws.

Yo Dabba Glass Hatter Carb Cap: Not every dabber prefers a 25mm bucket on their banger. Afterall, heady rigs are typically on the smaller side to accentuate terpene flavors, and sometimes the standard size looks a bit too big with a custom rig. If you roll with 20mm flat topsand eBangers, you might find yourself feeling like you're spiraling down the rabbit hole in an attempt to find a quality carb cap that's compatible with your setup. Trip out no more: These colorful little caps make the terp pearls spin in all 20mm buckets in flat top styles!

Yo Dabba Mini Rig Carb Cap: This carb cap is shaped like a mini wax rig. Put a rig on your rig!

Yo Dabba Quartz Disc Carb Cap: This carb caps features a unique design that utilizes carved channels to control airflow, and (of course) make those terp pearls spin. Made of high-quality quartz, the Disc Cap gets its name from its base shape. But, unlike the other quartz caps there's no air hole on this handle. Instead, air makes its way through the tiny swirled channels carved in the cap's thick and disc-shaped base. The pattern of the channels swirls air from all sides to amplify convection within the nail's bucket and support the vaporization of concentrates at the lowest temperature possible. It works perfectly with our 20mm, 25mm and 30mm flat top bangers.

Yo Dabba Sorry Carb Cap: This carb cap is shaped like game pieces from the board game SORRY! Features directional airflow.

Yo Dabba Spiral Carb Cap: Spiral line work Carb Caps that are compatible with the Puffco Peak or our 20mm Flat Tops!

Yo Dabba Thermal Classic Carb Cap: A 3-inch, double-walled, bubble-style carb cap made from FDA-grade premium quartz crystal, they partner perfectly with any thermal nail to deliver maximum heat retention and temperature consistency for dab sessions like no other. Strikingly styled and flawlessly crafted, these Quartz Thermal Carb Caps are made from thick quartz crystal for added durability and heat retention; a killer combination that brings out the best of your concentrates.

Yo Dabba Thermal Mini Carb Cap: Made from premium-grade borosilicate glass, it takes no time at all for these colorful carb caps to control airflow and prevent heat from escaping. They're so effective at it, that they can actually sustain ideal dabbing temperatures for a surprisingly long period of time from just one application of heat.

Yo Dabba Thermal Jumbo Carb Cap: Loving the Yo Dabba Thermal Carb Caps but want something BIGGER? Try out the Yo Dabba Thermal Jumbo carb Cap! Same great design, but jumbo!

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