Yo Dabba Banger Seamless Terp Slurper

Yo Dabba Banger Seamless Terp Slurper

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Yo Dabba Terp Slurp Banger

The Terp Slurp style first made its way onto the scene a few years ago and seemed to disappear as quickly as it arrived. So, when dabbers started asking for a revival, we decided to improve the original design with increased style and functionality to offer a pure-quartz completely-seamless Terp Slurp.

The Terp Slurp's most identifiable feature is the extended dish that makes dabs with this nail look a bit different. Heat the outer edges of the dish with a torch and use a dabber to load concentrates into the dish. Tiny carved nooks allow airflow to pull your dab into the chamber for complete vaporization. Use a solid carb cap, or cover the caps airflow hole for optimum vapor and temperature control.