Raw Ashtrays
Raw Ashtrays
Raw Ashtrays
Raw Ashtrays
Raw Ashtrays
Raw Ashtrays
Raw Ashtrays

Raw Ashtrays

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Raw Ashtrays

RAW Metal Ashtray

These ashtrays are the perfect addition to any collection for the RAW enthusiast and collector! Featuring a high-quality and crisp print of the classic RAW branding, this ashtray will be a new best friend. Offering you 3 divets for your smokes, these ashtrays are also made of premium metal so they will remain durable.

RAW Classic Glass Ashtray

The Raw Classic Pack Ashtray! Beautifully designed with a deep ash cavity for those who really smoke smoke.  Easy to clean with dish soap, and it's dishwasher safe, but put it on the delicate cycle just to be safe.

RAW Portable Pocket Ashtray

This portable pocket ashtray was originally made for Japan (where ashing on the street is illegal). We created a simple but magnificent solution – The RAW Pocket Ashtray!  Small enough to fit in your pocket so you can go anywhere with it, the RAW Pocket Ashtray has a heat resistant inner foil to extinguish your butt instantly when the flap is sealed shut.  It also has a snap button closure so it won’t open up and spill ashes in your pocket.

RAW Pocket Ashtray: 3″ x 3 ½” (when closed)

RAW Vanash Ashtray

The RAW Vanash Ashtray is the perfect ashtray for the smokers who REALLY smoke! 

Place your smoke on top to save for later, or place them vertically to extinguish. Ashes and remnant "vanish" below the top. 

To make the RAW Vanash Ashtray even more effective, put a small amount of sand in the ashtray to help quickly extinguish your smoke.


  • Made of metal with beautiful gold finish
  • Top is removable
  • 9 extinguisher spots for your smokes
  • 4 rubber nubs on the bottom to prevent slipping

RAW Catcher Doobie Holder

Always use protection! Stop getting ash and burn marks on your shirt /pants/shoes/couch/carpet/ spacesuit with Raw's latest invention – The RAW Catcher!  Put the RAW Tip through the Catcher’s holder and smoke it as you would normally – the heat-resistant nylon body will catch your ash as you smoke!  The RAW Catcher also has a flat base so you can set your cone down anywhere its stable. 

Raw Crystal Ashtrays

The RAW Glass Crystal Ashtray will be the star of your next smoke sesh! These beautifully cut glass ashtrays can take you on a bright rainbow journey… or to the dark side. May only the finest ash rest in these beautiful pieces of art! NO SCHWAG PLEASE!