Pulsar Rok Vape Parts
Pulsar Rok Vape Parts
Pulsar Rok Vape Parts

Pulsar Rok Vape Parts

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Pulsar Rok Smart Rig Replacement Parts

Atomizer: An integrated part of the Pulsar RöK, the Quartz coil provides a perfect heat temperature for the best dabs. These certified replacement quartz coils for the Pulsar RöK Electric Dab Rig are made with coil-less technology so your concentrates never touch the heating element and provides the best taste experience.

Replacement Base: This certified replacement glass for the Pulsar RoK Electric Oil Rig is made with durable borosilicate glass and provides an exact fit with the upper electronic portion of the dab rig. 

Sunrise Beachball Cap: There are ordinary glass carb caps and there are Sunrise Beachball Bubble carb caps by Pulsar.  This is a bubble-shaped, fun & colorful carb cap made of tough boro glass.  It features an eye-catching design you'll love and a 25mm diameter. The Sunrise Beachball carb cap is made specifically for the Pulsar RoK Electronic Dab Rig.  If you've got that rig, you need this piece! When you use this carb cap with your Pulsar Rok, you'll get amazing vapor production and efficiency from your concentrates. The shape of this carb cap allows it to sit perfectly on the silicone collar.  This gives you the airtight seal you need to get the maximum satisfaction out of each vaping sesh.

3-D printed Dab Station: Keep your Pulsar RöK clean and orderly with these colourful dab stations. Made with 3D printed hard plastic and a snug-fitting custom dock for the RöK glass base. It comes with non-slip tabs to put on the bottom so the station stays in place. It also includes a food-grade silicone concentrate container and glass alcohol container. The dab station has built-in holding space for the carb cap, concentrate container, dab tool, cotton swabs and alcohol container.